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Gare du Nord


Deep Cut (2019)

Different Planet
Excellent and long-awaited third album from Deep Cut, the project of Revolver and death in Vegas' Mat Flint, which combines a shoegazing sound with a variety of contemporary influences

Joss Cope (2017)

Unrequited Lullabies
Excellent 1960's and psychedelic-influenced debut solo album from Julian Cope's brother Joss Cope

Joss Cope (2020)

Indefinite Particles
Compelling post-punk psychedelia from Liverpudlian singer-songwriter and Julian's brother, Joss Cope

Karla Kane (2017)

King’s Daughters Home for Incurables
Solo debut from the Corner Laughers' Karla Kane which is inspired by the Californian’s tours of England and features a guest appearance from Martin Newell

Keiron Phelan (2019)

Peace Signs
Debut solo album from London-based songwriter and composer Keiron Phelan which is full of delightful relaxed psych pop and elegant character sketches

Spring '68 (2021)

Sightseeing Thru Music
Highly recommended. album from Spring ‘68, which is inspired by its creator Edward Rogers' fascination with the music and culture of late ‘60s France.

Walk Upright (2018)

Walk Upright
Exuberant and classic 70's punk -influenced debut album from London-based guitar band Walk Upright



Interview Rotifer - Interview

Ben Howarth chats to Austrian-born singer-songwriter and music journalist Robert Rotifer about his indie pop trio Rotifer's forthcoming second UK album, the politically abrasive 'The Cavalry Never Showed Up', which is being released on Gare du Nord, a new label collective


Rotifer, John Howard and Mel Mayr - Servant Jazz Quarters, London, 26/11/2014 Rotifer - Rotifer, John Howard and Mel Mayr - Servant Jazz Quarters, London, 26/11/2014

In the second of two showcases from record label and collective Gare du Nord, Ben Howarth at the Servant Jazz Quarters in London enjoys sets from indie trio Rotifer, rediscovered 70's singer-songwriter John Howard and Austrian singer-songwriter Mel Mayr who was playing her first British gig

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