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Saint Marie Records


Bloody Knives (2012)

Abrasive and forceful debut album from Austin-based industrial/electronic act, Bloody Knives

Bloody Knives (2013)

Exhilarating limited-to-250 copies seven inch vinyl only EP from Austin, Texas noise/shoegaze band, Bloody Knives

Carta (2013)

The Faults Follow
Incredible fusion of post-punk and space rock on third album from San Francisco based band Carta, which is their first to feature vocals on every song

Crash City Saints (2017)

Are You Free?
Second album and first in seven years from late 80’s/early 90’s-influenced alternative rock/pop act Crash City Saints which proves very much worth the long wait

Drowner (2012)

Inventive and intelligent debut album from Texan-based shoegaze group, Drowner

Drowner (2013)

You're Beautiful, I Forgive You
First-rate dream-pop/shoegaze on debut album from Houston -based band, Drowner

Elika (2012)

Always the Light
Superb combination of shoegaze and electronica on fourth album from Brooklyn-based two-piece, Elika

History of Colour TV (2013)

Emerald Cures Chic Ills
Extraordinary debut album from shoegazing-influenced Anglo-American Berlin-based act, the History of Colour TV

Mark Van Hoen (2015)

Latest album from LA-based and UK-born experimental musician and composer Mark Van Hoen, which would make perfect Science Fiction soundtrack music

Miniatures (2018)

Excellent new album from New Zealand duo Miniatures whose music creatively echoes the Cocteau Twins

Panda Riot (2013)

Northern Automatic Music
Enjoyable but not especially compelling shoegaze/dreampop from Chicago-based duo, Panda Riot

Secret Shine (2017)

There is Only Now
Excellent new shoegaze album from Bristol-based ex-Sarah band Secret Shine which is a real hit

SPC ECO (2015)

Dark Matter
Former Curve member Dean Garcia delves into the unknown and tries to decipher dark matter by releasing an impressive if sometimes annoying album under his current guise of SPC ECO

Thee Koukouvaya (2016)

This is the Mythology of Death
Unpredictable and masterful latest album from American electronic wizards, Thee Koukouvaya

When the Sun Hits (2017)

Immersed Within Your Eyes
Anthemic six song EP from Nottingham-based indie guitar band When the Sun Hits



Saint Marie Records
Interview Miscellaneous - Interview

John Clarkson talks Wyatt Parkins and Anthony Davis from the flourishing Texas-based independent label Saint Marie Records about the reasons for the rapid rise and success of their label which, despite being just over a year old, has already over twenty acts signed to it

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