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Secret Shine - There is Only Now

  by Dixie Ernill

published: 12 / 6 / 2017

Secret Shine - There is Only Now
Label: Saint Marie Records
Format: CD


Excellent new shoegaze album from Bristol-based ex-Sarah band Secret Shine which is a real hit

Despite hailing from Manchester, a city with an undeniably rich musical history, my heart has always been drawn more to the sounds coming out of Bristol over the last 30 or so years. As such Secret Shine have appeared on my radar before and I bought their early singles back in the 1990’s when they were signed to Bristol’s Sarah Records label. Unfortunately, they may have been overlooked by many who wrongly deemed all bands on Sarah to be anorak wearing nerds only capable of making weedy twee shambling indie-pop music. In fact Secret Shine’s music was and still is harder, more textured and very much in keeping with the “Shoegaze” tag that was adorned to so many bands that surfaced in between C86 and Britpop. Indeed had Secret Shine been on Creation Records, the home of a number of like-minded souls at the time, they may well be feted now in the same way that Slowdive or Ride are. With a wonderful wall of guitar sound (courtesy of Scott and Dean Purnell) underpinned by Tom Adams solid drum work, Jamie Gingell and Kathryn Smith provide intertwined dreamy vocals. The result is a thing of haunting beauty, an album of relentless quality that demands to be played loud and devoured in one greedy sitting. It’s hard to pick a highlight, but current single 'Falling Again' probably just shades it, though opening track 'Burning Stars' and 'Drift Away'are also worthy contenders. Forget the past, There Is Only Now is the future!

Track Listing:-
1 Burning Stars
2 All in Your Head
3 Dirty Game
4 Drift Away
5 To the Well
6 For You
7 Snowglobe
8 Falling Again
9 Things I Said
10 Make Me You

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