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Secret Shine


Interview (2024)

Secret Shine - Interview

Kathryn Smith, the vocalist with Bristol indie pop/shoegazing group and former Sarah Records band Secret Shine, speaks to John Clarkson about her band's long career and its appearance on both the 'Under The Bridge' compilations.


There is Only Now (2017)

Excellent new shoegaze album from Bristol-based ex-Sarah band Secret Shine which is a real hit

Beyond Sky and Sea EP (2007)

Lush, perfect new EP from recently reformed shoegazers and former Sarah Records signing Secret Shine



Beatnik Filmstars
Interview with Andrew Jarrett Beatnik Filmstars - Interview with Andrew Jarrett

Formed in the late 1980's out of the ashes of Bristol indie act the Groove Farm, the Beatnik Filmstars have returned with their first album in 7 years. Frontman Andrew Jarrett talks to Dixie Ernill about his 20 year musical history

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