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Bloody Knives - Blood

  by Paul Waller

published: 16 / 9 / 2013

Bloody Knives - Blood
Label: Saint Marie Records
Format: 7"


Exhilarating limited-to-250 copies seven inch vinyl only EP from Austin, Texas noise/shoegaze band, Bloody Knives

During the tail end of the nineties and the early naughties there seemed to be an abundance of thrashy electro guitar bands doing the rounds. They would pop up on Blast First or Amphetamine Reptile Records shortly before imploding, and I would always wonder why these bands would sell so few records when they were so great. Today this noisy underground scene has somewhat vanished, but for those that miss it as dearly as I do there is hope now for a rebirth thanks to Austin, Texas’ Bloody Knives. They rip through six tracks of balls to the wall noise, backed with shoegaze vocals and way too many beats per minute for mainstream acceptance; it’s a short and exhilarating ride and with song titles such as ‘Kill You All’, ‘Waiting for YoutTo Die’ and the thumping opener ‘Nothing Can Save You Now’ they have delivered an EP worthy of all which came before them. It will be interesting to see what direction future music from them will take. If it’s anywhere as decent as this ‘Death’, then they can count me in for the ride.

Track Listing:-
1 nothing can save you now
2 not alone
3 waiting for you to die
4 kill you all
5 bullet in your head
6 peeling away the skin

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