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Arco (2001)

Coming To Terms
Following a brace of well received EPs in 1998, ‘Longsighted’ and ‘Ending Up’, Arco, the trio based around vocalist and songwriter Chris Healey seemed to disappear from view. Until now. Following the

Graham (2001)

Never, And Maybe Not Even Then
Marrying whispering guitar melodies to wistfully seductive vocals, Graham’s new release on Dreamy Records, 'Never, and Maybe Not Even Then' is a quietly self-assured album that reaches out to pluck he

Kirk Lake (2001)

Kirk Lake
His smile is as brittle as the seashells on the floor” should not be a song lyric. It should be – is – poetry, the kind of vivid image artfully clad writers at open-mic nights cattily wish they’d tho

Real Tuesday World (2003)

I Lucifer
Soundtrack album to Glen Duncan's book of the same name which, however, despite its protagonist, proves just too pleasant, to have "the darkness, the threat of menace or the wickedness" of the real Devil

Santa Sprees (2001)

Keep Still
Santa Sprees are Anthony Dolphin and Katherine Marshall. Their latest effort,'Keep Still' is an album of lo-fi, keyboard driven pop music, accented by an armoury of the cheapest instruments money ca

Tuesday Weld (2001)

When Cupid Meets Psyche
A big soppy cuddle of a record. A big kissy hug with sloppy tongues and rubbing noses and eskimo kisses of a record. Tuesday Weld is a particularly randy mare on the Dreamy records stud farm. 'When

Tuesday Weld (2001)

I Love The Rain
Although moving in a similar shiny throw away pop orbit as Beck or the Pizzicato 5, there's something slightly more sinister to the sampledelia found on this new Real Tuesday Weld EP. 'I Love the Rain

Various (2001)

A Wish On A Star
When I first received this compilation, I vowed that I would do my utmost to avoid falling into some kind of clichéd review about dreamy music making up the dreamy records roster; But it’s difficult f


Interview with Tracy Lee Jackson (2002)

Miscellaneous - Interview with Tracy Lee Jackson

If anyone had been playing ‘spot the record label boss’ in a small Whitehall pub on a damp March evening, chances are they would have pointed to one of a half-dozen-odd restlessly handsome men clustered in a corner, joking over pints. They would not, ho



Anna Kashfi
Interview Anna Kashfi - Interview

Dreamy and melancholic Manchester-based group Anna Kashfi recently returned with a new single after over a two year absence. With an album on its way, they speak to John Clarkson about their new expanded line-up and extraordinary namesake


London Spitz, 6/10/2002 Rosenbergs - London Spitz, 6/10/2002

Rothko's recent London show found Mark Beazley, the group's only permanent member, accompanied on stage by Michael Donnelly from Delicate AWOL. Olga Sladeckova watches them both on bass guitar play a set of "dreamy" beauty

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