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Rosenbergs - London Spitz, 6/10/2002

  by Olga Sladeckova

published: 16 / 10 / 2002

Rosenbergs - London Spitz, 6/10/2002


Rothko's recent London show found Mark Beazley, the group's only permanent member, accompanied on stage by Michael Donnelly from Delicate AWOL. Olga Sladeckova watches them both on bass guitar play a set of "dreamy" beauty

The Spitz is a very popular London venue, which is about 5 minutes walk from Liverpool Street tube station. From outside it looks very ordinary, perfectly fitting into the row of older buildings around it. Inside it's different. The concert hall is upstairs above a pub. It is dark inside, dark but comforting. Only a bar in the left hand corner is lit up, just enough to be able to serve drinks under it. The stage is situated in the centre of the back wall and spreads out into the auditorium. The atmosphere is very calm. Candles have been placed at various points on the stage and gently flash light on to people's faces. It's nearly 8:40 when Mark Beazley, the only permanent member of Rothko, who is tonight accompanied by Michael Donnelly from Delicate AWOL, walks up on to the stage. The audience stops talking and turns to face them, as they both start to tune up the bass guitars which they will be using tonight. A few faithful fans have already taken the best spaces, and sit on the floor at the front of the stage. Mark introduces the first song '291'. His and Michael's bass guitars dominate the hall, and are almost hypnotic, the black speakers situated at the front of the stage faithfully carrying their deep sound. The fans absorb every single tone with pleasure sitting on the floor almost motionless. 'Red Cells' and 'This Lake Of Hope', from Rothko's latest album 'Continual Search For Origins', follow. Other fans now sit round the stage like children listening to a bed time story. The next song, 'On the Day We Said Good Bye', has a bird singing on a backing tape. Its voice is so convincing that you just want to lift your hand and catch it. The music of 'Truth Burns' meanwhile shakes you from the inside out with its powerful sound The last song, 'Bloodtied', comes all too soon. Mark thanks all of us for coming, as they both bring the dreamy atmosphere to a close with their methodical and precise guitar work. It is only, as they walk off the stage, that we come back to reality. This was definitely one of the most relaxing and reviving gigs this year! Set List: 291 Red Cells This Lake of Hope On the Day We Said Goodbye Truth Burns Bloodtied

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Rosenbergs - London Spitz, 6/10/2002

Rosenbergs - London Spitz, 6/10/2002

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