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Stereogram Recordings


Cathode Ray (2012)

The Cathode Ray
Imaginative debut album from Edinburgh-based band the Cathode Ray, who combine their post-punk sound with a multitude of other influences

Cathode Ray (2015)

Infinite Variety
Creative and versatile second album from Edinburgh-based based alternative rock outfit, the Cathode Ray

Cathode Ray (2018)

Another World
Excellent return after a three year hiatus from the Cathode Ray with a new single, the first from their forthcoming third album.

Cathode Ray (2020)

Heightened Senses
Fabulous third album from Edinburgh-based alt. rock band the Cathode Ray which merges punk and post-punk with pop, psychedelia, glam rock, disco, folk and reggae

Eastern Swell (2016)

One Day, A Flood
Extraordinary debut album from Edinburgh-based alternative rock band, the Eastern Swell

Eastern Swell (2019)

Hand Rolled Halo
Fantastic second album from Edinburgh-based band the Eastern Swell who merge folk with elements of psychedelia, jazz and prog rock

Fabulous Artisans (2020)

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained
Excellent first single in over five years from harmonic Scottish duo the Fabulous Artisans

James King and the Lonewolves (2014)

Lost Songs of the Confederacy
Fabulous long-awaited debut album from Glasgow-based 1980's post-punks James King and the Lonewolves, who after breaking up acrimoniously thirty years ago have extraordinarily got back together to finish off this record

Milton Star (2015)

Things Fall Apart
Extraordinary download only second single from dark Fife-based duo, Milton Star

Roy Moller (2014)

One Domino
Impressive lo-fi fourth album from Edinburgh-born singer-songwriter, Roy Moller

Roy Moller (2015)

Another Man's God
First-rate alternative pop on new download only single from Edinburgh-born but now Dunbar-based singer-songwriter, Roy Moller

St Christopher Medal (2015)

Sunny Day Machine
Fabulous debut album from reflective Scottish-formed band St Christopher Medal, whose members are spread across four different parts of both Britain and America

St Christopher Medal (2019)

Evocative and versatile Americana on second album from Scottish act St. Christopher Medal

STOOR (2016)

Unusual but distinctive debut album from elusive Dundee-based alternative rock outfit, STOOR

STOOR (2019)

Challenging but compelling and distinctive second album from Dundee-based alternative rock group STOOR



Cathode Ray
Interview Cathode Ray - Interview

John Clarkson chats to Jeremy Thoms, the front man with Edinburgh-based alternative rock act the Cathode Ray, about his band's versatile second album, 'Infinite Variety', and his rapidly expanding record label, Stereogram Recordings

Stereogram Recordings
Interview with Innes Reekie and Jeremy Thoms Miscellaneous - Interview with Innes Reekie and Jeremy Thoms

Innes Reekie and Jeremy Thoms from Stereogram Recordings speak about its recent expansion into book publishing, and their new book 'Nite Life During Wartime', which is a photographic account of the club and music scene in Edinburgh in the 1980s.


Stereogram Revue
Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, 2/12.2015 Stereogram Revue - Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, 2/12.2015

John Clarkson at the Voodoo Rooms is impressed by the Stereogram Revue, a showcase gig for several of the acts on rising local label Stereogram Recordings

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