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Denovali Records


Bersarin Quartett (2012)

Compelling second album from the Bersarin Quartett, the project of German graphic and sound designer, Thomas Bucker

Birds of Passage (2012)

Winter Lady
Fragile and chilling second album from Birds of Passage, the project of musician Alica Merz, which captures the desolation of winter

Brother Sun, Sister Moon (2012)

Brother Sun, Sister Moon
Understated, yet inventive debut album from Brother Son, Sister Moon, the new project of Alicia Merz from Birds of Passage and Gareth Munday from Roof Light

Carlos Cipa (2012)

The Monarch and the Viceroy
Stunning debut album from classically-inspired Munich-based 22 year old jazz pianist, Carlos Cipa

Dale Cooper and the Dictaphones (2012)

Magnificent and atmospheric album from French band, Dale Cooper and the Dictaphones, which takes equal inspiration from both 1950's jazz and the soundtracks of David Lynch films

Heirs (2011)

Unsettling, but forceful electronica on debut album from haunting-sounding Melbourne-based instrumental outfit, Heirs

Her Name is Calla (2010)

The Quiet Lamb
Daramatic and ambitous second album from epic-toned Leicester-based band, Her Name is Calla

Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation (2012)

Unsettling, but compelling live fourth album from the Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation, the experimental side project of the Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble

Pirate Ship Quintet (2012)

Rope for No Hopers
Imitative and formulaic post rock on debut album from Bristol-based post-rock act,the Pirate Ship Quintet

Sankt Otten (2012)

Sequencer Liebe
Dreadful new age electronica on fifth album from German instrumental duo, Sankt Otten

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