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Naim Label


Huey and the New Yorkers (2012)

Say It to My Face
Surprisingly soul-oriented, but also well-crafted debut album from Fun Lovin' Criminals front man Huey Morgan's new side project, Huey and the New Yorkers

Jeniferever (2009)

Nangijala EP
Lengthy, but first-rate new EP from Cure-inspired Swedish shoegazing act, Jeniferever

Marc Ford (2014)

Holy Ghost
Thoughtful and rich Americana on debut solo album from former Black Crowes guitarist, Marc Ford

Pylo (2014)

The Woman EP
Epic and haunting new EP from uncompromising Bath-based guitar pop outfit, Pylo

The Milk (2011)

(All I Wanted) Was Danger
Immediately classic debut single from Essex-based Northern Soul group, The Milk

Trichotomy (2011)

The Gentle War
Innovative and skilful latest alabum from Australian trio Trichotomy, who combine their piano jazz sound with the influence of electronica and rock music

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