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Drifting Falling


Kontake (2009)

Soundtracks To Lost Road Movies
Superb debut album from London-based largely instrumental post rock trio Kontakte, which consists half of original tracks and then half of remixes of those numbers

Kontakte (2011)

We Move Through Negative Spaces
Incredible instrumental rock on meticulous-sounding second album from London-based band, Kontakte

Matt Bartram (2008)

Excellent debut solo album from Matt Bartram, the front man with Brighton-based post rock group Air Formation

Matt Bartram (2012)

The Dreaming Invisble
Excellent combination of ambience, shoegaze and post rock on latest album from former Air Formation singer and guitarist Matt Bartram

Televise (2008)

Sometimes Splendid Confusion
Largely instrumental and experimental beautiful-sounding second album in a matter of months from Televise, the project of former Slowdive member, Simon Scott

Zazie Von Einem Anderen Stern (2010)

Regen: Tropfen
Mesmerizing marriage of classical music and pop on second album from Zazie Von Einem Anderen Stern, the moniker for Berlin-based singer-songwriter Maike Zazie Matern who sings in both German and Swedish

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