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Televise - Sometimes Splendid Confusion

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 23 / 8 / 2008

Televise - Sometimes Splendid Confusion
Label: Drifting Falling
Format: CD


Largely instrumental and experimental beautiful-sounding second album in a matter of months from Televise, the project of former Slowdive member, Simon Scott

‘Sometimes Splendid Confusion’ is the second album in less than a few months for former Slowdive member Simon Scott, for whom Televise, after being initially a group, has become a solo project. He has also just released a third album, ‘Volume 3’, on Keshhhhhh Records as well. ‘Sometimes Splendid Confusion’ is mostly instrumental, and its soundscapes vary in texture. ‘Tropical Mix’ opens the album. It is very moody, and edges towards having a chill out bliss sound. ‘Rain.Dot.Sunshine’ is another chilled-out number, but has a darker vibe. It is eerie, but warming. The ‘Longing’ is a warm nine minute piece which features jangly guitar amongst its beats. ‘Il de Televise’ is a haunting number which sounds at first like Slowdive having come up with the ‘Alien’ soundtrack, before eventually developing a blues sound. ‘Fish Fish Fish’ is eerier still and also sounds like a horror film soundtrack. ‘Never Alone’ (Praveen's Always Alone mix) is very chilled out and has the only vocal on the album, which is just above a whisper, and assisted by laptop beats, gentle guitar and what sounds like a squeezebox. All this is done in a beautiful way before it edges towards an experimental ‘Revolver’-style sound.

Track Listing:-
1 Tropical Mix
2 Rain.Dot.Sunshine
3 The Longing
4 Il De Televise
5 Fish Fish Fish
6 Never Alone (Praveen's Always Alone Remix)

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