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Interview with Simon Scott (2004)

Televise - Interview with Simon Scott

Simon Scott was the drummer on Slowdive's classic 'Souvlaki' album, and has been a member of the Charlottes, Inner Sleeve and Lowgold. Now the frontman with guitar group Televise, he talks to Anthony Strutt about his new band and also his previous ones


93 Feet East, London, 16/1/2006

Televise - 93 Feet East, London, 16/1/2006

The Beautiful New Chidlren have just released an album which is 23 minutes long, and is the new garage puk outfit of German electronica star Michael Beckett. Anthony Dhanendran watches a band of two distinct halves at 93 Feet East in London


Sometimes Splendid Confusion (2008)

Largely instrumental and experimental beautiful-sounding second album in a matter of months from Televise, the project of former Slowdive member, Simon Scott

Radiation Sound / Underwater (2007)

Trippy-sounding limited edition vinyl only remixes of two of the songs from former Slowdive member Simon Scott’s new band Televise’s debut album

Outside Out (2005)

Tripp and gorgeous first full release of former Slowdive drummer Simon Scott's new band Televise

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