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Matt Bartram - The Dreaming Invisble

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 1 / 4 / 2012

Matt Bartram - The Dreaming Invisble
Label: Drifting Falling
Format: CD


Excellent combination of ambience, shoegaze and post rock on latest album from former Air Formation singer and guitarist Matt Bartram

‘The Dreaming Invisble’, the latest offering from former Air Formation singer and guitarist Matt Bartram, was recorded during the late summer of 2010 without drums or vocals. It is a mere seven tracks of inner light beauty. ‘Absent’ opens the album, and washes over you like early Slowdive. It has textured layers of ambient guitars that take you on a complete trip and to a heavenly place. ‘Alight’, despite having softer played stringed instruments, is a much darker, more menacing number. It has a self searching groove and waves that wash over you as you chill out to its eerieness. ‘Cadence’ sounds like a spooky film soundtrack to an unreleased film, while ‘Glory is Forever’ is similarly cinematic and as dramatic as a symphony. ‘Summer's Gone’ is another widescreen and colourful number. ‘Healing’ has a massive build-up of textured sounds, and is a post rock number that comes over as both sad but warm at the same time. ‘IIuminate/Other world’ is a two part symphonic piece that starts out as a soft chill-out number that gives you complete peace of mind, but in its second part builds up tension slowly, but strongly to close like a taut thriller. An absolutely fantastic record.

Track Listing:-
1 Absent
2 Alight
3 Cadence
4 Glory Is Forever
5 Summer's Gone
6 Healing
7 Illuminate

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