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Rump Recordings


Bjorn Svin (2010)

Sparse, but compelling electronica on latest album from Danish experimental musician, Bjorn Svin

Bjorn Svin (2010)

Digitally perfect and minimalist electronica on latest album from Danish composer and experimentalist, Bjorn Svin

Heidi Mortenson (2012)

Courageous combination of dubstep and introverted piano composition sung in her native language on EP from Danish musician, Heidi Mortenson

Icarus (2009)

Sylt Remixes
Extensive collection of remixes of tracks from British electronica act Icarus's album of the same name, which are of wildly varying quality and best listened to in instalments

Mikkel Meyer (2014)

Jolly EP
Energetic combination of dubstep and house music on new EP from Danish electronic musician, Mikkel Meyer

Rumpistol (2008)

Quirky, off-kilter electronica on third album from Rumpistol, the project of Copenhagen-based musician Jens Christiansen

Rumpistol (2011)

Talk to You
Clinical dubstep on latest offering from Copenhagen-based band, Rumpistol

Rumpistol (2014)

Over-long, but gripping post-electronica on triple vinyl only LP from Copenhagen-based musician, Rumpistol

Snoleoparden (2008)

Only partially successful debut album from Snoleoparden, the moniker for Danish performer Jonas Stampe, which is a mish-mash of sounds incorporating Asian music, electronica, tape experimentation and children’s songs

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