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Distiller Records


Chemists (2009)

Radio Booth
Promising, but not totally inspiring second single from Bristol-based angular guitar pop act, the Chemists,

Chemists (2009)

A Love Like No One Else
Off-kilterindie dance rock on latest single from Bristol-based group the Chemists

Fortune (2010)

Compentent but juvenile set of remixes on new EP from French electro pop act Fortune

Funeral For A Friend (2011)

Welcome Home Armageddon
Fanbulous fifth album from pioneering Welsh hardcore act, Funeral For a Friend

Funeral For A Friend (2011)

See You All in Hell
Fantastic combination of new tracks, re-mixes and live performances, this is a welcome on nine track EP from Funeral For A Friend, which serves as an appendage to their recent @Welcome Home Armageddon' album

Losers (2010)

Impressive and up-lifting electro-dance on debut single from Losers, the new band of MTV presenter Eddy Temple-Morris

Undercut (2007)

Hot in That
Punchy-sounding guitar rock on vinyl only single from North London group Undercut

White Belt Yellow Tag (2009)

Tell Your Friends (It All Worked Out)
Mature sounding and innovative indie on second single from deservedly hyped Newcastle-based two piece White Belt Yellow Tag, which recalls the work of Doves, Athlete and Elbow

White Belt, Yellow Tag (2010)

Excellent debut album from quietly intense Newcastle-formed group White Belt Yellow Tag

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