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Loose Music


Andrew Combs (2015)

All These Dreams
Melancholic and reflective second album from Nashville-based singer-songwriter Andrew Combs, upon which his mature lyricism hides his surprising youth

Andrew Combs (2017)

Canyons of My Mind
Excellent 70's-influenced second album from melancholic Nashville-based singer-songwriter Andrew Combs

Blanche (2004)

If We Can't Trust The Doctors
"Eerie, off-kilter Americana" from debuting Detroit group, who are reminiscent "of a slightly askew hybrid of Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood and the Handsome Family"

Blanche (2007)

Little Amber Bottles
Ambitous, long awaited second album from increasingly confident-sounding Gothic country-based rockers Blanche

Chris Mills (2001)

Kiss It Goodbye
Picked up by the increasingly perceptive Loose Recordings, Chris Mills’ Kiss It Goodbye’ is the first of his three albums to benefit from a proper UK release. It follows his acoustic debut ‘Nobody’s F

Damien Jurado (2019)

In the Shape of a Storm
Intimate and stripped down collection of newly recorded songs that Damien Jurado had not found a home for until now

Danny and the Champions of the World (2010)

Streets of Our Time
Dreamily authentic latest album from sprawling London-based Americana act, Danny and the Champions of the World

Danny and the Champions of the World (2013)

Stay True
Fantastic fourth album from London-based band Danny and The Champions Of The World, which combines country rock, rock and roll and soul

Danny and the Champions of the World (2014)

Live Champs!
Explosive double CD live album from country rockers Danny and The Champions of the World, which was recorded at the Jazz Café in London last year

Danny and the Champions of the World (2015)

What Kind of Love
Breathtaking fifth studio album from the UK’s Danny and The Champions of the World, who, drawing from the golden age of soul, unleash their own take on the genre by adding a country hue to produce a classic blue-eyed soul album

Dawes (2011)

Nothing is Wrong
Comforting and soothing second album of folk rock from acclaimed Los Angeles-based band, Dawes

Duke and the Gold (2009)

Nothing Gold Can Stay
Pleasantly inoffensive harmonic folk on first album from Felice Brothers offshoot the Duke and the King, which is much improved by some darker Gothic moments

Duke and the King (2010)

Long Live the Duke and the King
Solid second album from the Duke and the King, which, however unfortunately does not match up to the promise shown on their much acclaimed debut album of last year

Felice Brothers (2007)

Tonight at the Arizona
Excellent debut album from the Hudson River -based the Felice Brothers who up-date the ramshackle sound of Dylan and the Band and drag it into this century

Felice Brothers (2011)

Celebration, Florida
Gloriously chaotic and dark latest offering from Americana act the Felice Brothers, which finds them refreshingly expanding their range beyond small-town dramas to national American tragedies and affairs

Frankie Lee (2016)

American Dreamer
Refreshing debut album from Frankie Lee which finds the Mississippi-born singer-songwriter mixing classic Americana with strains of Springsteen and Neil Young

Frankie Lee (2019)

Haunting and lo-fi second album and first in four years from acclaimed Minnesota-based singer-songwriter Frankie Lee which was recorded in and is about his home town of Stillwater

Frontier Ruckus (2013)

Eternity of Dimming
Instantly memorable double CD third album and first UK release from versatile Detroit-based Americana outfit, Frontier Ruckus

Frontier Ruckus (2017)

Enter the Kingdom
Brooding and lyrical Americana on fifth album from critically acclaimed Michigan-based group Frontier Ruckus

Gill Landry (2020)

Skeleton at the Banquet
Thought provoking album for dark times from ex Old Crow Medicine member Gill Landry, the poetry of whose lyrics and the warmth of whose voice help sweeten the bitter pill of this new collection of songs

Handsome Family (2009)

Honey Moon
Surprisingly upbeat and mould-breaking eighth album from Gothic Americana husband-and-wife duo the Handsome Family, which, while commendable, proves less engaging than some of their other releases

Handsome Family (2013)

Fabulous combination of Southern Gothic-inspired folk and country on tenth album from husband-and-wife duo, the Handsome Family

Handsome Family (2016)

Consistent latest album from the Handsome Family, the band of husband-and-wife duo Brett and Rennie Sparks

Hurray for the Riff Raff (2011)

Hurray for the Riff Raff
Enticing blend of blues, folk, hillbilly and brass on UK debut album from New Orleans-formed street musicians Hurray for the Riff Raff

Hurray for the Riff Raff (2012)

Look Out Mama
Stunning second album from Hurray for the Riff Raff, the project of New Orleans musician Alynda Lee Segarra, which, while providing no surprises, is totally affective and compelling

Israel Nash (2015)

Israel Nash’s Silver Season
Despite some initial setbacks like a major flood, Israel Nash and his band continue their psych-coloured journey with the usual nods to Neil Young along the way

Israel Nash Gripka (2013)

Israel Nash's Rain Plans
Stunning 60's and 70's-influenced country rock on third album from Missouri-based singer-songwriter, Isreal Nash Gripka

Jim White (2011)

Sounds of the Americans
Eccentric, but ofetn impressive latest album from American singer-songwriter Jim White, which is the score to a drama school Sam Shepard play production

Jim White (2012)

Where It Hits You
Imaginative and meticulously-arranged pop on latest album from offbeat New York-based singer-songwriter, Jim White

Joana Serrat (2016)

Cross the Verge
Third album from Barcelona’s Joana Serrat who has relocated to Montreal and teamed up with producer Howard Bilerman to produce a beautiful collection of songs

John Noah (2003)

Water Hymns
Entertaining, experimental story-based Gothic Americana, slightly marred by two out-of-place instumentals

Jonny Fritz (2013)

Dad Country
Boundary-breaking 'official' debut album from Virginia-born country singer, Jonny Fritz

Justin Townes Earle (2014)

Single Mothers
Understated and lo-fi but evocative fifth album from Steve Earle’s son, Justin Townes Earle

Justin Townes Earle (2015)

Absent Fathers
Downbeat but impressive album from Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Justin Townes Earle

Mark Mulcahy (2005)

In Pursuit Of Your Happiness
Versatile third solo album on Loose Records from former Miracle Legion frontman Mark Mulcahy

Mary Lou Lord (2004)

Baby Blue
Outstanding new album from alt. country star Mary Lou Lord, who, despite suffering from a rare medical condition that affects her vocal cords, has managed to turn this into an asset

Mr David Viner (2008)

Among the Rumours and the Rye
Qaulity-sounding and remarkably authentic Delta blues on the third album from Mr David Viner, slightly marred by his lacklustre vocals

Native Harrow (2019)

Happier Now
Perfect third album from Native Harrow which with its heavy Laurel Canyon vibe features some of the most beautiful and heartfelt music of this year

Peter Bruntnell (2003)

Ends Of The Earth
Long-awaited fourth album from much acclaimed New-Zealand born, but England-based Americana artist Peter Bruntnell, which shows itself to be his best record yet

Peter Bruntnell (2008)

Peter and the Murder of Crows
Fine Americana on latest album from English singer-songwriter, Peter Brunntnell

Rockingbirds (2013)

The Return of the Rockingbirds
Exuberant Americana on long overdue third album from reformed London-based country act, the Rockingbirds

Steve Turner (2003)

Searching For Melody
Entertaining debut solo album from Mudhoney guitarist, Steve Turner. which finds him breaking away from his musical roots and electing for "a mostly stripped down selection of bluesy shuffles and Dylanesque folk musings"

Sturgill Simpson (2014)

High Top Mountain
Classic and authentic-sounding country on stunning debut album from Kentucky-born but now Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Sturgill Simpson

Sturgill Simpson (2014)

Metamodern Sounds in Country Music
Fantastic second album from Nashville-based singer-songwriter Sturgill Simpson, which mixes traditional country with rock, psychedelia and soul

Treetop Flyers (2013)

The Mountain Moves
Excellent debut album from London-based, but Los Angeles-formed folk act Treetop Flyers, which follows four years on from their first EP

Treetop Flyers (2016)

Second album from the London five-piece Treetop Flyers, produced by the band and mixed by Jonathan Wilson, is a soulful take on their own strain of Americana

Various (2007)

Country Girl : New Sounds of the Old West Vol 5
Effective fifth instalment of Loose’ ongoing occasional ‘New Sounds Of The Old West’ series, which this time focuses its attentions on women performers from across the alt country/Americana spectrum.

Vikesh Kapoor (2014)

The Ballad of Willy Robbins
Stark but brilliant concept album from socially and politically conscious Pennsylvanian singer-songwriter Vikesh Kapoor, which draws comparisons with Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Nebraska’

Willard Grant Conspiracy (2003)

Regard The End
Spectacular long awaited fifth album from the American alt. rock ensemble, the Willard Grant Conspiracy, which, despite being largely about death, proves to be against-the-odds curiously life affirming

Willard Grant Conspiracy (2009)

Paper Covers Stone
Magnificent montage of reworkings of already classic material and instantly essential new songs on enthralling eighth studio album from the Willard Grant Conspiracy

Willard Grant Conspiracy (2019)

Evocative tenth album from Willard Grant Conspiracy which features the last recordings of its front man Robert Fisher who died in early 2017


Interview (2015)

Tom Bridgewater - Interview

Owen Peters talks to Tom Bridgewater, the owner of Europe’s leading Americana label Loose Music, about his label’s lengthy history


Retrospective and History (2002)

Miscellaneous - Retrospective and History

Loose Recordings was founded around 5 years ago and was originally known as Vinyl Junkie. The decline in sales of vinyl just a few years later precipitated a change of name shortly after they released

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