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Duke and the Gold - Nothing Gold Can Stay

  by Sarah Maybank

published: 13 / 8 / 2009

Duke and the Gold - Nothing Gold Can Stay
Label: Loose Music
Format: CD


Pleasantly inoffensive harmonic folk on first album from Felice Brothers offshoot the Duke and the King, which is much improved by some darker Gothic moments

Pleasant. Inoffensive. With their plaintive vocals and gentle acoustic strumming, the Duke and the King sound like the type of band your parents would want you to join: “They sound such nice boys. Bound to keep you out of trouble. Bring them home for tea.” Trouble is acoustic-totin’ revolutionaries Fleet Foxes and Tom Brosseau have upped the ante since being melodic and sincere would guarantee you worldwide success and critical acclaim. So if you’re not borne on sublimely heart-breaking harmonies like the Foxes or nasty-ing things up a la Brosseau, with experimental bleeps and industrial sounds, a career touring the open mic stage in FairTrade coffee shops beckons. Two thirds of ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’ focuses on lovingly crafted pastoral ditties about summer morning rain and water spiders. So far, so pleasant. And, if you feel inclined, download them for your mum. But enough of kindly Dr Jekyll, give this another listen and focus your attention on the darker side. The album’s Mr Hyde. ‘I’ve Been Bad’ has a dark, Delta blues heart (wish it was twice as long, though) ‘Lose My Self’ has a deep, brooding intensity that will have you well-acquainted with the replay button. And ‘Union Street’ stomps with righteous conviction. So please, Duke and the King, say goodbye to the water spiders and open that black, gothic heart right up next time around.

Track Listing:-
1 If You Ever Get Famous
2 The Morning I Get To Hell
3 Still Remember Love
4 Union Street
5 Lose My Self
6 Suzanne
7 Summer Morning Rain
8 Water Spider
9 I've Been Bad
10 One More American Song

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