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Harvey Records


Bitter Springs (2006)

Firm Family Favourites
Witty and catchy indie rock on exceptional new EP from durable London-based band, the Bitter Springs

Bitter Springs (2006)

Poor Trace
High quality indie rock on latest EP from under-rated London-based group, the Bitter Springs, who combine astute social commentary and a catchy pop sound

Bitter Springs (2010)

My Life as a Dog in a Pigsty
Gritty and wryly humorous latest download single from constantly undervalued West London act Bitter Springs

Bitter Springs (2011)

TV Tears
Clever and eloquent dissection of reality TV on infectious download only single from the Bitter Springs

Bitter Springs (2009)

And Even Now
Electrifying first single in three years from versatile West London-based act, the Bitter Springs, which consists of five different versions of the same song

Bitter Springs (2016)

Cuttlefish and Love's Remains
Challenging but thought-provoking and highly rewarding eighth album from West London-based band, the Bitter Springs

Oldfield Youth Club (2019)

A Kind of Loving in a Loveless Town
First-rate download single from Oldfield Youth Club, the new band of the Bitter Springs' Simon Rivers which finds him reunited with his old bandmates

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