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Invisible Hands Music


Miranda Lee Richards (2016)

Echoes of the Dreamtime
Hypnotic and atmospheric third album from Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter. Miranda Lee Richards

Miranda Lee Richards (2017)

Existential Beasts
Political but poetic commentary on the state of modern times from Californian singer-songwriter Miranda Lee Richards

Silver Sun (2005)

Uplifting new single from late 90's geek rockers Silver Sun, who on the comeback trial prove they have not lost their knack with a killer melody

Silver Sun (2006)

Dad's Weird Dream
Enjoyably unpretentious third offering since their reformation in 2002 of under-rated late 90's popsters, Silver Sun

Tangerine Dream (2018)

The Sessions 1
Remarkable live sessions from the latest incarnation of German pioneers Tangerine Dream which finds them returning to their improvisational beginnings

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