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Advance Base (2015)

Nephew in the Wild
Melancholic musings on American life finds ex-Casiotone for the Painfully Alone front man Owen Ashworth with his new project Advance Base on familiar but fertile musical ground

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone (2009)

Advance Base Battery Life
Variable compilation from Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, the lo-fi project of Californian keyboardist and singer and one man music machine, Owen Ashworth, which neverthless more than justifies its selling price

Dog Day (2007)

Night Group
Uninspired and dull indie rock from Canadian group Dog Day

Hearts Hearts (2016)

Fine debut album from Viennese band Hearts Hearts which definitely deserves a whirl

Khan (2007)

Who Never Rests
Disappointing mixture of industrial music and clubby house pop from former Matador signing Khan, who has returned after a long absence

Ninja High School (2005)

Young Adults Against Suicide
Soon wearing new album from self-proclaimed "positive-hardcore-dance-rap band" Ninja High School, ruined by its sloppy production

Niobe (2011)

The Cclose Call
Predictable and tiresome soul/funk on fourth album from Niobe, the moniker for German singer-songwriter Yvonne Cornelius

No Kids (2008)

Come into My House
Predictable bubblegum pop on debut album from Canadian-based band, No Kids

Parenthetical Girls (2008)

Eclectic-sounding retro on second album from stylish Portland, Oregon-based four piece, the Parenthical Girls

Skeletons (2008)

Incomprehensible, but occasionally rewarding fifth album from Skeletons which defies easy categorisation and is a delightfully disorientating mess

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