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Dog Day - Night Group

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 21 / 4 / 2007

Dog Day - Night Group
Label: Tomlab
Format: CD


Uninspired and dull indie rock from Canadian group Dog Day

John Peel said several times that bad records are hard to produce with high tech equipment and computers make it easy for any band to "sound" great. Dog Day do just that but this quartet from Halifax, Novo Scotia do little extra. 'Night Group' is a pleasantly sounding pastiche of pumping bass and drum. The drums are quite strong at stages, the vocals are slightly tiresome and the guitar chords predictable. The album's ever so obvious weak point is a complete lack of originality, which together with uninspired signing make it a dull experience in the end. The most memorable moment is the opening track 'Lydia' yet from then on the album just goes on and on, dragging its heels through territory that even gets described on the review copy's sleeve (!) as sharing " qualities of classics like The Smiths' The Queen Is Dead' , or more recently Sonic Youth (..)". No, it doesn't! I was surprised to know they're Canadian. File next to boring north-european indie rock was my initial impression. Pixies tribute band would be another apt description.

Track Listing:-
1 Lydia
2 End Of The World
3 Oh Dead Life
4 Career Suicide
5 Know Who You Are
6 Vow
7 Gayhorse
8 Night Group
9 Sleeping, Waiting
10 Defeat
11 Great Pains
12 Bright Light

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