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Beggar's Banquet


Boyfriends (2005)

I Love You
Stunning feedback-dominated 7" debut single from the Boyfriends, whom include in their line-up two former members of Jack

Film School (2005)

Film School
Haunting and powerful UK debut album from San Francisco shoegazing act Film School

Film School (2007)

Atmospheric and experimental second album from San Francisco-based shoegazing/rock outfit Film School

Iliketrains (2007)

Spencer Perceval
Brooding first new release in nine months from iLiKETRAiNS, which tells the tale of British Prime Minister Spencer Perceval who was assassinated in 1812 from the point of view of John Bellingham, his murderer

Iliketrains (2007)

Elegies to Lessons Learnt
Rewarding and engaging first album proper from Leeds post-rock group iLIKETRAiNS, which focuses on some of history's often forgotten characters

National (2005)

Absolutely captivating third album from the National, which fills the void where the Tindersticks left off ny offering "a more uptempo take on their bitingly real tales of everyday life"

National (2007)

Apartment Story
Fantastic second single from US Americana group the National's excellent and latest 'The Boxer' album

Tindersticks (2008)

The Hungry Saw
Superb first Tindersticks album in five years, which recalls much of their past, but also brings something distinctive and new to the sound



Film School
Interview Film School - Interview

Californian indie rockers Film School have recently signed to Beggar's Banquet. With an album on its way in January, Anthony Strutt chats to frontman Krayg Burton about the group's British influences and development since first forming in 1998

Dead Fly Buchowski
Interview Miscellaneous - Interview

New punk group Dead Fly Buchowski have recently signed to Beggar's Banquet and have just released their debut single 'Blackout'. With their debut album on the way, singer Roddy Campbell speaks to Olga Sladeckova about the group's rise

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