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Film School - Hideout

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 7 / 11 / 2007

Film School - Hideout
Label: Beggar's Banquet
Format: CD


Atmospheric and experimental second album from San Francisco-based shoegazing/rock outfit Film School

‘Hideout’ is the second album on Beggar’s Banquet for San Francisco shoegazing/rock outfit Film School, but it is actually their third album. It opens with the first single, ‘Dear Me’, which is a full on rocker, played at a restrained rate at first until, after about a minute, it speeds up. Singer and band founder Krayg Burton’s vocals here recall those of Mark Gardner of Ride on it. The music has a head spinning effect to it which makes you want to dance. ‘Lectric’, sounds like Hendrix playing backwards, before it gets more punky and even weirder still, sounding like the Cure at their most obscure jamming with the Chameleons. ‘Mean Median Mode’ is a short and sweet number which again recalls the Cure, while ‘Sick Hipster Nursed by Suicide Girl’ begins by sounding like the introduction to the anthem that was P.I.L's first single, ‘Public Image Limited’. Eventually this is matched by a husky vocal from Krayg and it becomes more Gothic. It has a great rhythm to it which again makes you want to move. ‘Must Try Harder’ is haunting and short. ‘Two Kinds’ meanwhile sounds instantly like a combination of the Cure and Ride, but Krayg’s vocals here surprisingly sound like Evan Dando. ‘Capitalized 1’ is much more laid back, quite atmospheric and in a restrained shoegazing number. ‘Go Down Together’ is gentle and features a strummed guitar, while ‘Compare’ has an almost a whispered vocal and a shoegazing rhythm. ‘Florida’ has again a laid back feel and is haunting in tone, while ‘Blizzard Scout’ hints at loudness but in fact is again quite restrained. ‘Plots and Plans’ has backwards guitar and Krayg’s vocals are absolutely charming, but it soon picks up a good rhythm. ‘What I'd Meant to Say’ ends the album and has a more groovy and full on feel.

Track Listing:-
1 Dear Me
2 Lectric
3 Meanmedian Mode
4 Sick Hipster Nursed By Suicide Girl
5 Must Try Easier
6 Two Kinds
7 Capitalized I
8 Go Down Together
9 Compare
10 Florida
11 Blizzard Scout
12 Plots and Plans
13 What I Meant To Say

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