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Fades (2003)

You Say
Uninspiring debut single from "the latest in a long, long line of Strokes wannabes", London-based four piece the Fades

Mr Hudson and the Library (2006)

Bread and Roses EP
Undemanding hip hop from new British group Mr Hudson and the Library, outclassed by its impressive B sides

One Unique Signal (2014)

Intense but captivating second album from London-based post-rockers, One Unique Signal

Tallulah Rendall (2014)

The Banshee and the Moon
Evocative and lavish third album from singer-songwriter Tallulah Rendall, which, appearing with a book of black and white photographs, focuses on the need to escape from everyday reality and existence

Wow Signal (2009)

Infinity's Lobby
Confident-sounding debut album from fiery London-based indie rockers with potential mass appeal, the Wow Signal

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