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Jumbo (2001)

Since getting tongues wagging enthusiastically over their 1999 debut album ‘CB Mamas’, Newcastle’s Jumbo, heralded by many as the UK’s answer to The Flaming Lips, have maintained a relatively low prof



Thorsten Quaeschning
Interview Thorsten Quaeschning - Interview

Tangerine Dream leader and electronic composer Thorsten Quaeschning has released the soundtrack to forthcoming thriller film 'Cargo'. He speaks about it and why Tangerine Dream decided to continue recording music after the death of its founder Edgar Froese in 2015.


Crystal Stilts
Cargo, London, 30/3/2011 Adrian Edmondson - Cargo, London, 30/3/2011

In an evening beset with problems, Anthony Strutt at Cargo in London watches New York post punks Crystal Stilts play an enjoyable, if otherwise somewhat unremarkable gig

Cave Singers
Cargo, London, 14/8/2008 Cave Singers - Cargo, London, 14/8/2008

The Cave Singers is the new project of hardcore act Pretty Girls Make Graves' front man, Derek Fudesco. At the Cargo in London Chris O' Toole finds their pastoral and off-kilter blend of folk rock both riveting and compelling

Cave Singers
Cargo, London, 20/11/2009 Cave Singers - Cargo, London, 20/11/2009

On the last night of a British tour, Chris o' Toole finds whisky-stained country rockers, the Cave Singers, in celebratory mood at a show at the Cargo in London

Dan Deacon
Academy 3, Manchester, 23/7/2007 Dan Deacon - Academy 3, Manchester, 23/7/2007

At the London Cargo Chris O' Toole watches Dan Deacon whip up and win over a particulary sour faced crowd with his hyper form of pop electronica

Dum Dum Girls
Cargo, London, 30/7/2010 Dum Dum Girls - Cargo, London, 30/7/2010

Anthony Strutt enjoys Los Angeles' all girl band band the Dum Dum Girls' gritty garage rock at a show at Cargo in London

Cargo, London, 17/10/2006 Iliketrains - Cargo, London, 17/10/2006

At the Cargo In London, Anthony Strutt watches his favourite new band of the year play an impressive set consisting largely of songs from their excellent debut mini album, 'Progress Reform'

Dingwalls, London, 29/3/2007 Iliketrains - Dingwalls, London, 29/3/2007

At the London Cargo, Anthony Strutt enjoys a fresh-sounding and impressively brooding set at a one off show from iLiKETRAiNS, whose long-awaited full length debut album will come out later in the year

Cargo, London, 29/5/2012 Moonface - Cargo, London, 29/5/2012

Chris O'Toole at Cargo in London expresses surprise at Spencer Krug's recent formulaic approach to lyric writing with Moonface despite the fantastical nature of much of his previous work

Osaka Ramones
Cargo, London, 1/10/2012 Osaka Ramones - Cargo, London, 1/10/2012

Dan Cressey at Cargo on London watches Japanese all female punk trio Shonen Knife under the moniker of the Osaka Ramones play an incredible set of Ramones covers...

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