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Side One Dummy


American Eyes (2005)

Never Trust Anything That Bleeds
Captivating summery-sounding punk pop fon mini album from L.A. based band American Eyes

Casualties (2007)

Under Attack
Uncomplicated, but classic punk on seventh album from British-sounding New York group the Casualties

Flogging Molly (2004)

Within A Mile Of Home
Enjoyable but thought-provoking third album from sprawling Dublin septet, Flogging Molly, which finds them contininuing to blend punk rock with traditional Irish music

Gaslight Anthem (2010)

American Slang
Anthemic New Jersey rock on new single from the Gaslight Anthem, the first from their third album of the same name

Gaslight Anthem (2009)

The '59 Sound
Heartfelt latest single from much-acclaimed New Jersey folk punks, the Gaslight Anthem

Kill Your Idols (2005)

From Companionship To Competition
New album from the fearsome Kill Your Idols, who with this new record, their third in three years "have served up a slice of hardcore right at the extremes of punk"

Mxpx (2006)

Let's Rock
Hit and miss rarities collection from durable pop punks MXPX

Piebald (2007)

Accidental Gentlemen
Lo-fi latest album from long-serving and influential American punks Piebald which shows itself to be American indie rock at its very best

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