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Piebald - Accidental Gentlemen

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 26 / 1 / 2007

Piebald - Accidental Gentlemen
Label: Side One Dummy
Format: CD


Lo-fi latest album from long-serving and influential American punks Piebald which shows itself to be American indie rock at its very best

This is American indie rock at it’s very best. At times Piebald sound like a rough-around-the-edges version of the likes of the Lemonheads, with their blend of grunge tinted rock. On ‘Accidental Gentlemen’ the band effortlessly fuse hook laden choruses around guitar riffs that many lesser bands would kill for. Piebald conjure up images of sweaty clubs and the type of music that you can get lost in. Many newer bands on the American indie scene cite Piebald as a major influence and on hearing this album it is clear to see that even now they still have a lot left to offer. Piebald sound at times like Nirvana at their most relaxed and happiest on ‘Oh the Suggestion’ and ‘Strangers’ Other songs show why Piebald are so influential and still relevant. ‘Shark Attack’, a superb lesson in the art of restrained punk music, is powerful and makes a statement without relying on barking vocals and speed. ‘Getting Mugged and Loving It', apart from having a great title, is a happy song which is reminiscent of They Might Be Giants and Third Eye Blind. ‘Nature Wins’ is another tune which sees the band at their happiest sounding. It is no surprise to find out that at the mixing and recording desk were Doug Batchelder and Alex Newport, whom are responsible for bringing us big haired boundary pushing rockers At the Drive In and their newer incarceration Mars Volta. T This sounds like a band that are out amongst the best in their field. One little fact that will seal the deal how great these guys are is that they are environmentally conscious and rather than doing the odd benefit show and writing ‘Oxfam’ on themselves, they actually ran their tour van on vegetable oil on their recent US tour. Beat that Sting.

Track Listing:-
1 Opener
2 A Friend Of Mine
3 Don't Tell Me Nothing
4 There's Always Something Better To Do (The Strutter)
5 Strangers
6 Oh, The Congestion
7 Shark Attack
8 On And On
9 Getting Mugged And Loving It
10 Life On The Farm
11 Nature Wins
12 Roll On

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