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American Eyes - Never Trust Anything That Bleeds

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 21 / 12 / 2005

American Eyes - Never Trust Anything That Bleeds
Label: Side One Dummy
Format: CD


Captivating summery-sounding punk pop fon mini album from L.A. based band American Eyes

This 6 track EP by American Eyes is the second release from this L.A. based band. The tracks are instantly catchy and have a great beat to them that gets you moving as soon as you hear it. The second song, 'Telephone Wires' is the strongest song on the album, gradually build up to a fast punk-fueled finish. It sounds to me like Franz Ferdinand would if they happened to be from Southern California instead of Glasgow, with the obvious 80’s synth sounds developing a modern-sounding punk feel rather than just staying the same. 'Carry on for Keepsake' is another songs that builds up, starting with a sweet summery feeling acoustic verse, before eventually exploding into a faster, harder sounding chorus that has you nodding your head along in time. By the time it has finished you can almost feel the heat of the California summer time burning down on you. 'The Day We Died' is another song that reeks of the 80’s. With simple electronic beats accompanying singer David Henry's raw sounding vocals it is the most melancholy song on the album. American Eyes, however, finish off on a higher, faster note with the appropriately titled 'Radio' which sounds exactly how you would expect a pop-punk made for radio song would with it’s catchy chorus. It is a joyous sounding song that ends this mini album perfectly. On each new listen I find myself wishing there were more than just six songs, as it is obvious that this band are capable of writing more than their fair share of fun filled, sun-kissed songs, that bridge the gap between 80’s beats and Californian punk.

Track Listing:-
1 Knife Firght With A Girl (A True Story)
2 Telephone Wires
3 Carry On For Keepsake
4 Girl With The Broken Heart (By The Way)
5 Day We Died
6 Radio

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