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XL Recordings


Burial (2024)

Bipolar mayhem on Burial's first EP for XL Recordings

Damon Albarn (2008)

Monkey : Journey to the West
Appalling new album from Damon Albarn, who has turned his attentions to Chinese opera with absolutely dreadful consequences

Devendra Banhart (2005)

Cripple Crow
Largely acoustic fifth album from distinctive, quirky Los Angeles based troubadour Devendra Banhart, which finds him moving away from home recordings and venturing for the first time into a proper recording studio

Horrors (2009)

Whole New Way
Latest vinyl only single from Southend garage rockers the Horrors, which combines a post-punk and pop sound

MIA (2007)

Stunning and brave continent-hopping second album from MIA, the project of Sri Lankan born Londoner Maya Arulpragasam

Radiohead (2021)

Kid A Mnesia
Fine box set reissue of Radiohead's experimental and challenging 2000 and 2001 albums. 'Kid A' and 'Amnesia'

Ratatat (2008)

Fine third album from consistently diverse and experimental dance duo, Ratatat

Smile (2024)

Wall of Eyes
Cinematic second studio album from The Smile. the new project of Radiohead's Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood

Smile (2022)

A Light for Attracting Attention
High quality debut album from The Smile, The new side-project for Radiohead's Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood

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