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Alex Gopher (2007)

Alex Gopher
Unfortunately dreadful attempt at a crossover to pop from renowned Parisian dance DJ Alex Gopher

Alkaline Trio (2008)

Agony and Irony
Superbly ambitious sixth album from hardcore veterans the Alkaline Trio, which while remaining lyrically very dark, finds them experimenting with a more upbeat sound

Amusement Parks On Fire (2005)

Blackout Ep
Debut indie mainstream release from much acclaimed Nottingham-based shoegazers, Amusement Parks on Fire

Black Keys (2008)

Strange Times
Approriately-titled eccentric new single from the formidable Black Keys

Black Keys (2008)

Attack and Release
Experimental fifth album from Akron-based garage rock duo Black Keys which fnds them working with synthesisers, banjos and an organ and a producer, Gnarls Barkley's Danger Mouse, all for the first time to mixed results

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (2013)

Specter At The Feast
Eclectic seventh album from abrasive San Francisco-based rockers, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Grandaddy (2001)

Sophtware Slump
This old fart remembers the days of Lou Reed's "Berlin" and I wonder if in twenty years time I'll still be as stunned by this Grandaddy album as I am by that. Right now, I'd say: 'yes' ! "The Sophtwa

Interpol (2010)

Typically dark and moving fourth album from New York-based post punks, Interpol

Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan (2010)

Forceful combination of folk, Americana, gospel and blues on third album from ex-Belle and Sebastian vocalist Isobel Campbell and former Screaming Trees and Queens of the Stone Age singer Mark Lanegan

Lethal Bizzle (2009)

Go Hard
Catchy multi-mixed latest EP from London-based rapper, Lethal Bizzle

Paul Weller (2005)

As Is Now
Stunning return-to-form from the increasinglly erratic Paul Weller, back with his best album since 'Stanley Road'

Red Snapper (2011)

Excellent seventh album from jazz-influenced London-based experimental act, Red Snapper

Smoke Fairies (2011)

Through Low Light and Trees
Otherworldly and ethereal blend of alternative folk rock and bluesy American on first album from young English duo, the Smoke Fairies, that sounds ancient and modern at the same time

Ziggy Marley (2014)

Fly Rasta
Upbeat and sunny reggae on latest album from Ziggy Marley, the son of the late Bob Marley, which merges classic and modern reggae sounds

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