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Alex Gopher - Alex Gopher

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 21 / 4 / 2007

Alex Gopher - Alex Gopher
Label: V2
Format: CD


Unfortunately dreadful attempt at a crossover to pop from renowned Parisian dance DJ Alex Gopher

As if listening to terribly weak albums from Bloc Party, the Arctic Monkeys and Maximo Park was not already enough of a waste of time, our dear house music buddy from Paris, Alex Gopher, releases a toe cringing collection of seventh rate 1980's New Order bass riffs, over which he does some melodic bunny hopping in, I'm afraid, the worst fashion imaginable. His vocals are pretty much indecipherable mutterings and the album's sophisticated production meanwhile only puts the utter stupidity of these tracks into a much brighter light. There is no denying that Alex Gopher knows the tricks of producing music, no denying either that V2 Records should have known better. This is such a poor effort, such a waste of the promotional budget. All the tricks have been played before and to much better extent. This album was one of the most painful experiences I have recently had to endure. I would suggest to avoid it even if in the sales it were to cost only 1 €. File under tiresome effort at pop music from a dance DJ.

Track Listing:-
1 Out of the Inside
2 Brain Leech
3 Nasty Wish
4 Isn't It Nice
5 Boulder, Colorado
6 Carmilla
7 The Game
8 Song for Paul
9 5000 Moons
10 Go !
11 The White Lane
12 Brain Leech (Alternate Version)
13 I'm Cracked
14 Brain Leech (Bugged Mind Remix)
15 Odyssey
16 I Need Change
17 Dust

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