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Beggars Banquet


Biffy Clyro (2001)

It's a single that follows all the formulas for a successful emo sound, but still manages to surprise you every time the pleasingly fuzzy guitars kick in. Biffy Clyro are a three piece with an energet

Biffy Clyro (2008)

Singles 2001-2005
Fabulous compilation from until recently under-rated Scottish alt. rock outfit Biffy Clyro, which merges together some of the best songs from their first three albums

Bob Mould (2008)

District Line
Energetic dance-influenced guitar pop on latest solo album from former Husker Du and Sugar frontman, Bob Mould

Bowery Electric (2001)

There are only a handful of bands that I really anticipate hearing what they'll do next and when I first heard Bowery Electric they were quickly added to that list. Over the course of three full leng

Film School (2005)

On And On
Excellent debut single from Slowdive-inspired San Francisco-based five piece Film School

Luna (2001)

Luna Live
Luna Live. Luna: Live. Never let it be said Dean Wareham and his post-Galaxie 500 cohorts are guilty of false advertising. This is definitely Luna, definitely live. At least we gather that’s what the

Luna (2006)

The Best of Luna
Retrospective compilation from former Galaxie 500 frontman Dean Wareham's Velvet Underground-inspired cultband Luna, who broke up after over a decade and having record seven albums together

Lupine Howl (2003)

Bar At The End Of The World
Spectacular second album from the much Lupine Howl, which features three ex-members of Spiritualised

Mark Lanegan (2001)

I'll Take Care Of You
Following last year's acclaimed third solo album 'Scraps At Midnight', Mark Lanegan this time disregards his own songs, instead opting to interpret a selection of, to most people, fairly obscure mater

Nectarine No 9 (2004)

I Love Total Destruction
Unpredictable and unique fifth album from the long-serving Scottish group Nectarine No 9, which is fronted by Davy Henderson, the former singer with the Fire Engines and Win

Robert Forster and Grant McLennan (2007)

Intermission : The Best of the Solo Recordings 1990-1997
Superbly-packaged best of compilation of the four solo albums each produced by Robert Forster and the late Grant McLennan, the singer-songwriters with the still under-rated the Go Betweens

St Vincent (2007)

Marry Me
Heavenly-sounding debut album from the impossible-to-categorise St Vincent, the project of 24 year old Tulsa-based singer-songwriter and musician Annie Clark

Tindersticks (2001)

Can Our Love
You’d think the flirtations with tasty faux-soul on 1999’s ‘Simple Pleasures’ would have lent Tindersticks some of the resilience of ‘What’s Going On?’ or ‘Let’s Stay Together’. But as their fifth LP

Tindersticks (2003)

Waiting For The Moon
Familiar, yet also occasionally surprising latest collection of "agonised beauty and heartache" from the Tindersticks, who continue on their sixth album to make a success out of failure

Tindersticks (2008)

The Hungry Saw
Excellent vinyl only comeback single and title track from their new album for Tindersticks, which has an exceptional B side



Bill German
Interview Bill German - Interview

Lisa Torem speaks to Bill German, who spent seventeen years as a journalist during the heyday of the Rolling Stones, during which time his ‘zine, 'Beggars Banquet', became a “must-have” bible for many of the group's fans.

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