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Sudden Death


DOA (2004)

War And Peace
Excellent compilation from Canadian hardcore punks, which celebrates their 25 years in the music business

DOA (2005)

War On 45 - March To The End
Up-dated and timely re-release of Canadian hardcore punks D.O.A's 1983 album, now stretched out and expanded from 8 to 18 songs

Joey Shithead Keithley (2007)

Band of Rebels
Disappointing new album from offshoot project of the usually reliable Joe Keithley, who fronts durable American punk band D.O.A.

Modernettes (2005)

Get It Straight
Fascinating compilation, consisting of tarcks from all three of their records, from under-acknowledged late 70's/early 80's New york punks the Modernettes

Young Canadians (2005)

No Escape
Enjoyable compilation from late 70's Vancouver-based punks Young Canadians, which, despite a somewhat poor quality, is definitely worth checking out



Re : View-V/A
Vancouver Complication Miscellaneous - Vancouver Complication

In the latest in our 'Re : View' series, in which our writers lookk back on albums of the past, Andrew Carver examines 'Vancouver Complication', a classic 1979 punk compilation, which has just been reissued on Sudden Death Records with extra tracks

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