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Modernettes - Get It Straight

  by Mark Rowland

published: 21 / 12 / 2005

Modernettes - Get It Straight
Label: Sudden Death
Format: CD


Fascinating compilation, consisting of tarcks from all three of their records, from under-acknowledged late 70's/early 80's New york punks the Modernettes

The Modernettes were a punk rock band from New York in the late 70's/early 80's. They had dreams of making it big, but it unfortunately never really happened for them. ‘Get It Straight’ is a reissue of the band’s debut EP ‘Teen City’ and a selection of tracks from their two subsequent records, ‘Gone…But Not Forgiven’ and ‘View from the Bottom’ Some tracks, such as ‘Little Girl’, hint at the hardcore punk scene that was to come, but in general the Modernettes were more on the melodic side of punk. The six tracks from ‘Teen City’ strangely bring to mind an Americanised Libertines, though this is obviously as both bands have the same 60's and 70's influences. The songs have a raw charm to them, especially ‘Celebrity Crackup’ and ‘Confidential’ The Modernettes went in a more new wave-y direction on subsequent releases, coming on like a rough collaboration between Blondie and Elvis Costello. The band occasionally get noisy on tracks like ‘Static’, but in general they aimed for a more sophisticated sound. Not all of those tracks have aged well, but when it’s good, like ‘Red Nails’, it’s great. The last ten tracks are all live, and the band sounds most at home here. Tearing enthusiastically through tracks like ‘Surf City Strangler’ and ‘Get It Straight’ they really sound in their element. A fascinating insight into the career of a band that never quite made it.

Track Listing:-
1 Barbra
2 Suicide Club
3 Celebrity Crackup
4 Confidential
5 Little Girls
6 Teen City
7 New Society
8 No Tears
9 Won't Have To Worry
10 Rebel Kind
11 Femme Fatale
12 Red Nails
13 I Can Only Give You Everything
14 Static
15 Surf City Strangler
16 Get It Straight
17 Tears Will Fall
18 Rebel Kind
19 I Can Only Give You Everything
20 Celebrity Crackup
21 No Tears
22 Won't Have To Worry
23 Suicide Club
24 509
25 Get Modern

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