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DOA - War On 45 - March To The End

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 23 / 12 / 2005

DOA - War On 45 - March To The End
Label: Sudden Death
Format: CD


Up-dated and timely re-release of Canadian hardcore punks D.O.A's 1983 album, now stretched out and expanded from 8 to 18 songs

This album is the latest release from Canadian hardcore punks D.O.A. The band started out way back in the early 1980’s in Vancouver. The original version of this album was released back in 1983 as an 8-song album, but the band felt that now in 2006 the need for the anti-war songs was yet again appropriate. This time, however, they’ve added some cover songs and new songs to make the album a whopping 18 tracks long. 'War on 45 March to the End'almost works as a best of, as it includes many of their best songs, including 'America the Beautiful', 'I’m Right, You're Wrong' and 'Liar for Hire'. Amongst the covers there is a marvellous laid back, reggae version of Rankin' Rodger's 'War in the East'. Another highlight is a hard rocking version of Edwin Starr’s classic 'War' which they have really made their own, and is quite a surprise on first listen. In a world in which punk bands do nothing much more than act as advertising tools for skateboarding clothes lines, it is a breath of sweaty, angst ridden air that such a classic and influential band have released such a heart felt and utterly needed collection of protest songs. D.O.A, are as essential now as the ever were in the 1980’s.

Track Listing:-
1 Liar For Hire
2 I'm Right, You're Wrong
3 America The Beautiful
4 War
5 I Hate You
6 War In The East
7 Class War
8 World War 3
9 Smash The State
10 Masters Of War
11 Earache
12 Eve Of Destruction
13 We Don't Need No God Damn War
14 Warmonger
15 Bombs Away
16 World Falls Apart
17 Fortunate Son
18 No God No War

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