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Cody (2001)

Rounder EP
After almost a year of silence, 'Cody' follow up their "Anticyclone" EP with another EP for the Shinkansen camp. Sparse, echo-y guitar bits, programmed beats,sweeping synth tones, and soft vocals are

Cody (2001)

Stillpoint Primer
First, I feel I have to admit that if I didn't already know about Cody and someone had given me the typical "quicky" description of the music on this album, I probably would not have listened to it. I

Cody (2002)

Diverse new EP, with both a late night feel and a tweeness, from Oxford quartet

Fosca (2001)

The Agony Without The Ecstacy
Dickon Edwards is BACK! I liked Orlando, his previous band, but sadly, it wasn’t to be for them once apress backlash against them took hold. Thankfully, Dickon has dusted himself down and returns wit

Fosca (2002)

Diary Of An Antibody
Radio-friendly, and slightly overtly polished but still thoroughly enjoyable second album from indie pop cult heroes, Fosca

Monograph (2001)

Riding the Shinkansen from Nagoya to Tokyo, thinking of what 'GBV' might have sounded like had Robert Pollard actually grown up in England, was a fun lesson in geography and circumstance. 'Monograph

Trembling Blue Stars (2002)

Slow Soft Sighs
Three new songs from the ever-popular Trembling Blue Stars, which were recorded at the same time as the acclaimed fourth album 'Alive to Every Smile'

Various (2001)

Lights On A Darkening Shore
When the legendary Sarah Records decided to call it a day some years ago, Shinkansen started out almost immediately, as a fresh start for Sarah. Among the first signings was a band that had some conne


Interview with Matt Haynes (2002)

Miscellaneous - Interview with Matt Haynes

Matt Haynes, former co-owner of the legendary Sarah records and now sole guardian of Shinkansen Records, talks to Cila Warncke about his record label, and maintaining a sense of personal politics in a world of commercialism

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