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Cinerama (2001)

Cinerama, featuring David Gedge who used to be in the Wedding Present, appear to have fitted nicely into the group of bands that, despite reasonable sales and regular slots on John Peel, don't seem to

Cinerama (2001)

Disco Volante
The ever-nimble David Gedge has once again plucked the sweetest fruit from the tree of musical possibility with the release of Cinerama’s second album, Disco Volante – a follow up to 1998’s pop sparkl

Cinerama (2015)

Fine fourth album from Cinerama, the first since 2002's 'Torino', which finds David Gedge and his bandmates reworking the Wedding Present's latest album with an orchestra

Terry de Castro (2009)

A Casa Verde
Fine debut solo album from Wedding Present and former Goya Dress bassist, Terry de Castro, which consists of cover versions of songs by her friends

Wedding Present (2016)

Going, Going...
Brilliant return-to-form on ninth album from enduring indie stalwarts, the Wedding Present

Wedding Present (2004)

Interstate 5
Excellent first single in seven years for the much acclaimed the Wedding Present

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