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Blood Red Shoes (2008)

Box of Secrets
Furious and abrasive debut album from much acclaimed guitar and drums duo, Blood Red Shoes

Blood Red Shoes (2008)

Say Something, Say Anything
Surprisingly subdued but nevertheless still catchy and effective latest single from usually more volatile guitar and drums duo Blood Red Shoes

Envy Corps (2007)

Story Problem EP
Impressively straightforwward EP from Iowa four-piece guitar outfit the Envy Corps

Milburn (2008)

These are the Facts
Enjoyable second album from much acclaimed Sheffield-based indie pop act, Milburn

Razorlight (2005)

Somewhere Else
New single from the popular Razorlight, which is more acoustic-based than the band's previous work

Razorlight (2004)

Stumble And Fall
"Fresh and fun" multi-formatted second single from Tom Verlaine-influenced Razorlight

Razorlight (2003)

Rip It Up
Second single from Television/Strokes-inspired 4 piece, Razorlight, who look to be a name to watch



Common Prayer/Silent League
Interview Common Prayer - Interview

Brothers Justin and Jason Russo were members of both Hopewell and Mercury Rev. Anthony Strutt speaks to them both at a show in London about their current groups, Common Prayer and the Silent League

David Baker
Interview Part 1 David Baker - Interview Part 1

Ex-Mercury Rev frontman David Baker in the first part of a two part interview speaks to Andy Cassidy about time travel, superpowers and 'Central Flow', his first album in eighteen years and with his new band Variety Lights

Field Music
Interview Field Music - Interview

Owen Peters goes to the cinema in Belfast, watching 1929 silent film 'Drifters' in order to track down Mercury Award nominated-band Field Music


In our second interview with them, Mercury Prize winning band Gomez's drummer and percussionist Olly Peacock speaks to Ben Howarth about their new and seventh album, 'Whatever's On Your Mind'

Interview Gomez - Interview

Winners of the Mercury Music Prize with their 1998 first album 'Bring It On', Gomez have met with critical indifference since then, but have kept an enthusiastic following. Singer Ian Ball chats to Ben Howarth about his band's new album 'How We Operate'

Peter Straker
Interview Peter Straker - Interview

Singer, actor and cabaret star Peter Straker talks to John Clarkson about the reissue of his three albums, 1977’s ‘This One’s On Me’, 1978’s ‘Changeling’ and 1980’s ‘Real Natural Man’, and the influence on them of Queen frontman and co-producer Freddie Mercury.

Silent League
Interview with Justin Russo Silent League - Interview with Justin Russo

The Silent League's Justin Russo provided many of the arrangements and piano parts on Mercury Rev’s 'Deserter’s Songs'. He talks to Ben Howarth about his new band's debut album, 'The Orchestra, Sadly, Has Refused'


Bohemian Rhapsody Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

Nick Dent-Robinson asks if the much maligned new film 'Bohemian Rhapsody' about the music of British frontman Freddie Mercury and Queen has been fairly received or whether its bad reviews have been justified.


Stables, Milton Keynes, 26/11/2015 Eska - Stables, Milton Keynes, 26/11/2015

Owen Peters travels to Milton Keynes to see Mercury-nominated singer Eska, but is left wondering whether he's come to the right place

GoGo Penguin
Union Chapel, London, 3/4/2015 GoGo Penguin - Union Chapel, London, 3/4/2015

Owen Peters enjoys Mercury Award-nominated Manchester-based trio GoGo Penguin's fusion of modern jazz, electronica and classical music at a triumphant gig at the Union Chapel in London

Roundhouse, London, 21/6/2011 Gomez - Roundhouse, London, 21/6/2011

Mercury Music Prize winners Gomez have always been more out than in fashion, but Ben Howarth watches them play a near perfect set to promote their new album 'Whatever's On Your Mind' at the Roundhouse in London

Jozef Van Wissem
Mercury Lounge, Ottawa, 22/3/2012 Jozef Van Wissem  - Mercury Lounge, Ottawa, 22/3/2012

Andrew Carver watches Dutch lutenist and minimalist composer Jozef Van Wissem play an entrancing set at an unfortunately poorly attended gig at the Mercury Lounge in Ottawa

Waterfront Studio, Norwich, 19/11/2021 Lanterns on the Lake - Waterfront Studio, Norwich, 19/11/2021

Nige Nudds at the Waterfront Studio in Norwich enjoys a compelling set from Mercury Prize nominated post-rock outfit Lanterns on the Lake in which they play their latest album 'Spook the Herd' in full.

Laura Marling
Custom House Square, Belfast, 24/7/2011 Laura Marling - Custom House Square, Belfast, 24/7/2011

Tara McEvoy watches the twice Mercury Prize nominated Laura Marling, who was a once crippingly shy stage performer, play a both confident and tranquil set at the Custom Square House in Belfast

Maximo Park
Carling Academy, Newcastle, 10/12/2005 Maximo Park - Carling Academy, Newcastle, 10/12/2005

Maximo Park enjoyed a great year in 2005, with a Top 10 album, a sold out UK tour and a Mercury Music Prize nomination. At a homecoming Christmas gig in their native Newcastle, Jonjo McNeill sees the boy who left as small fry come back as stars

GIT Awards
Leaf Cafe, Liverpool, 27/4/2012 Miscellaneous - Leaf Cafe, Liverpool, 27/4/2012

Richard Lewis attends the GIT Awards, which dubbed 'the Scouse Mercury Prize', saw performances from ten of the twelve acts on the shortlist

Scala, London, 5/10/2010 Villagers - Scala, London, 5/10/2010

At the Scala in London, Paul Waller watches recent Mercury Prize nominees Villagers play a triumphant set

Young Knives
Venue, Derby, 25/10/2011 Young Knives - Venue, Derby, 25/10/2011

Denzil Watson enjoys eccentric former Mercury Music Prize nominees Young Knives' refreshingly unique brand of indie rock at a show at the Venue in Derby


Bring It On Gomez - Bring It On

Cila Warncke finds that an outsized 20th Anniversary Edition four CD re-release of Gomez's Mercury Music Prize winning 'Bring It On' captures the brash charm of their youthful debut

Mercury Rev
All is Dream Mercury Rev - All is Dream

In our 'Re: View' section. in which our writers reflect on albums from the past, Keith How finds that a timely sumptuous four CD celebration of Mercury Rev’s 'All is Dream'from 2001 presented with demos, live materials and unreleased material proves to be a relevant and fascinating listen.

Favourite Album : PJ Harvey
Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea PJ Harvey - Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea

In the latest in our series, in which one of our writers writes about an album of his or her choice, Julia Willis examines PJ Harvey's Mercury Award winning 'Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea'


Gomez Gomez - Gomez

Mercury Prize winners Gomez recently released a new album 'How We Operate' and toured the United Kingdom. Anna Gudaniec photographs them exclusively for Pennyblackmusic at Shepherd's Bush Empire in London

Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll
November 2012 Miscellaneous - November 2012

Ben Howarth in his 'Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll' column is unimpressed by the the Mercury Music Prize

Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll
October 2013 Miscellaneous - October 2013

Ben Howarth in 'Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll' asks the announcement of this year's Mercury Music Prize nominees there are no folk, jazz or classical albums on the list

Hitting the Right Note
The Mercury Awards Miscellaneous - The Mercury Awards

Jon Rogers in his 'Hitting the Right Note' column gives his personal assessment of the acts nominated for this year's Mercury Prize

Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll
August 2007 Miscellaneous - August 2007

In thnis month's edition of his Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll column, Ben Howarth questions whether the Mercury Music Prize has any real purpose

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