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George Harrison - All Things Must Pass

  by Nick Dent-Robinson

published: 7 / 10 / 2021

George Harrison - All Things Must Pass
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In the first of two articles Nick Dent-Robinson commemorates the 50th anniversary of the late George Harrison’s seminal album,’ All Things Must Pass'.

With the dominance of Lennon and McCartney in The Beatles, by the time the group broke up in 1970, George Harrison had unrecorded material stockpiled from the early 1960s. Soon after The Beatles went their separate ways, Harrison's pent-up artistry produced a stunning triple album, ‘All Things Must Pass.’ Critics agree this remains one of the best records by any former Beatle. From the gospel-ly ‘My Sweet Lord’ to the Motown beat of ‘What Is Life,’ the album encompassed blues, country-rock and Dylan-esque folk. Themes included Harrison's search for enlightenment and the demise of his old band. Delayed for a year by Covid, the 50tth anniversary reissue of ‘All Things Must Pass’ is a treasure trove of unreleased songs, fresh mixes and out-takes. It is now available in multiple formats, from a double CD at £17 to an “uber deluxe” version at £860 (which has pre-sold many copies, apparently!) that comes in an “artisanal crate” complete with music, prayer beads and gnomes like those on the original album sleeve! Among the “new” tracks are the bluesy ‘Cosmic Empire,’ the world-weary Dylan co-write, ‘Nowhere To Go’ and ‘Sour Milk Sea,’ one of several strong Harrison songs rejected by The Fab Four. As Eric Clapton commented a while ago, “Maybe all things must pass - but George's masterpiece album is a gift that keeps on giving”.

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George Harrison - All Things Must Pass

George Harrison - All Things Must Pass

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