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George Harrison - Living in the Material World

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 31 / 10 / 2006

George Harrison - Living in the Material World
Label: Parlophone
Format: CD


Digitially mastered reissue with extra tracks of George Harrison early 1973 solo album

'Living in the Material World', George Harrison's 1973 album, came out on CD first of all about ten years ago but now it gets the digital clean up treatment. I hadn't heard this for about twenty years and then on vinyl, but I remember it quite fondly from his early solo material as a stand out album. Digitally cleaned up, it sounds quite fresh with only two tracks sounding dated. Guests on it include Ringo Starr and drummer Jim Keltner. The black covered album opens up with 'Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)' which was a single at the time. It is quite quaint, with some pleasant strummed acoustic guitar from Mr George, the former lead guitarist from that band from Liverpool.The vocal is soft and sung with elegance by a guy whom by this time knew his limitations and was a slick guitarist with a very distinct style of vocal and guitar playing. It is very much an anthem for peace. 'Sue Me, Sue You Blues' is a clever little number about how silly the Beatles court case had become. and is as bitter as Lennon's 'How Do You Sleep?' 'The Light that Has Lighted the World' has an epic feel, and is sung like a hymn, quite gospel-ish, in a 70's post Beatle way, beautifully and elegantly arranged, by the master guitarist. It is completely uplifting. 'Don't Let Me Wait Too Long' is a sing-a-long number, full of joy and hope, and sunny in tone. 'Who Can See It ?' is much more moody and downbeat in style. The title track, 'Living in the Material World', sounds very dated, but is well played and funky, with hints of Indian vibes before being drowned in 70's sax. 'The Lord Loves the One (that Loves the Lord)' is a gentle, brass number, beat driven, and, as its title suggests, religious, but without being preachy. 'Be Here Now' (Yes, Oasis, George used this title 20 years before you guys) is more folky in style, and, recalling Dylan, is aimed at the more intelligent listener. 'Try Some, Buy Some', is a downbeat pop number, heavy on the mood, but with a well paced rhythm. 'The Day the World Gets Round' sounds like it should be the the album closer, and, recalling both Lennon but also 70's Elton John, has lots of over the top production. 'That is All' is massive in mood and sound, and a fine closer to the original vinyl LP. The bonus tracks for the CD only issue are 'Deep Blue', a 7" B side which is a heartwarming acoustic number and will put a smile on your face ,while 'Miss O'Dell', one of George Harrison's best songs, is a fun song that has him laughing out loud several times during it. We need more of this in pop music.

Track Listing:-
1 Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)
2 Sue Me, Sue You Blues
3 The Light That Has Lighted The World
4 Don't Let Me Wait Too Long
5 Who Can See It
6 Living In The Material World
7 The Lord Loves The One (That Loves The Lord)
8 Be Here Now
9 Try Some Buy Some
10 The Day The World Gets 'Round
11 That Is All
12 Deep Blue (Bonus Track)
13 Miss O'Dell (Bonus Track)
14 Bangla Desh (Bonus Track)
15 Digital Booklet: Living In The Material World

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