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Automat - Modul

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 25 / 6 / 2020

Automat - Modul
Label: Compost Records
Format: LP X2


Excellent new art dub and remixes on double vinyl by Berlin electronic supergroup Automat

Hot on the heels of the 'Modul' album, which consisted pf two 45 rpm 12 inches packed in one, come two remix EPs. The original album is Automat's fourth and first for Compost in Munich. Automat is a supergroup with members of Skip McDonald, Einstürzende Neubauten, Phillip Boa & The Voodoo Club and Die Haut. Not enough John Peel favourites for your liking? Well, with contributions from Tikiman, Mika Bajinski and once again Lydia Lunch, coming via the internet, their inputs were then next processed and compressed dynamically and it worked like a building block system. The recording technique for 'Modul' resulted in a wonderful and grand rounded urban dub arrangement. One gear lower than on Automat's third album, 'Ost West', Färber on drums and Zeitblom on bass dumped the techno and now rub-a-dub along in fine style. Present again is Modular on keyboards who have remixed 'Nothing Strange' twice with Ricardo Villalobos on 'Modul Remixes #1'. Almost the eternal Dub Machine of today. Tikiman, Paul St. Hilaire lends his affectionate vocals. Automat performing with him should have been a highlight in 2020's cancelled festival season. 'Modul' is irresistible, and even after a hip replacement you won't stop moving and grooving. 'Modul' isn't just dub music. It's Big Bang Dub, which is sort of democratic as each participant receives the attention and share in the volume she or he deserves. Underneath those thick layers of rhythm lie a few very touching vocal tracks and Automat collaborating with Tikiman proves a tremendous treat. There are limits to my budget for vinyl and I bought the album and remix 'EP#2' but skipped the first remix 12 inch. The two 'Nothing Strange' remixes by Ricardo Vallolobis on 'EP#1' last 18 minutes and, whilst Ricardo probably doesn't get paid per minute, his elaborated stretched mixes inevitably lead to such a thought. There is snappy fun on Acid Pauli's remix of the track, that's on Remix EP 2, bringing back the feel of acid techno, as does DeWalla's Chess remix which has a thumping thick backbeat. Tight and terrific.

Track Listing:-
1 Nothing Strange (Acid Pauli Remix)
2 Nothing Strange (DeWalta Chess Remix)
3 Easy Riding (Shahrokh Dini Club Remix)
4 Ghost (Terrence Dixon Remix)
5 Easy Riding (Dubvisionist's Echo Beach Remix)
6 Ghost (Terrence Dixon Short Remix)

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