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Urban Voodoo Machine - O2 ABC2, Glasgow, 20/9/2014

  by Tony Gaughan

published: 14 / 11 / 2014

Urban Voodoo Machine - O2 ABC2, Glasgow, 20/9/2014


Tony Gaughan watches extraordinary eleven-piece band Urban Voodoo Machine play an adrenalin-fuelled show at the O2 ABC2 in Glasgow

The Urban Voodoo Machine is an eleven-piece band from Dalston, London, which is fronted by Norwegian born Paul-Ronney Angel although there are probably as many again guest or part members. They describe their sound as "bourbon soaked blues and Gypsy bop 'n' stroll." The band are impeccably dressed in red and black and feature a top-hatted green zombie drummer and his son, an upright bass-slapping Reverend, and occasionally a fire eater in the shape of front man Paul's wife Ane Angel. Thankfully for the ABC2's fire officer, Ane has taken the night off. The band arrive on stage via the 'Theme from the Urban Voodoo Machine' to a rapturous applause from their Glasgow audience. They then launch into single 'Cheers for the Tears'. Flesh for Lulu guitarist Nick Marsh and accordionist Slim Cider cover every inch of the stage, whilst stage left saxophonist Lucifire and Dr Lloyd Gomez Deville provide some scorching brass. The crowd are already shouting for early material and Paul informs them they are here to showcase the brand new album 'Love Drink and Death' but teases them by offering something from their past a little later in the set. 'Train Wreck Blues' is the first of many new songs. 'Not With You' and the recent single 'Pipe and Slippers Man' is already known word for word by the audience. Angel has them exactly where he wants them. It's a real spectacle as the two drummers circle the shared kit which is adorned with skulls and other zombie artefacts. 'Orphans Lament' from their second album, 'In Black 'N' Red', follows and after that a typically UVM drinking song, 'Crazy Maria', which is Latin in style. The band also roll out 'Goodbye to Another Year', again from 'In Black 'N' Red', Their recent single, 'Help Me Jesus', which was recorded with Wilko Johnson, ends an incredible main set. They then return with another new song, 'Loretta's Revenge', which is performed initially by Angel before the band join him on stage, while closing numbers, brilliant oldies 'Killer Sound' and the magnificent 'Love Song 666', make this a night to remember

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Urban Voodoo Machine - O2 ABC2, Glasgow, 20/9/2014

Urban Voodoo Machine - O2 ABC2, Glasgow, 20/9/2014

Urban Voodoo Machine - O2 ABC2, Glasgow, 20/9/2014

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