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Goldstoned - Divas Drinks and Dynamite

  by Dave Goodwin

published: 8 / 6 / 2013

Goldstoned - Divas Drinks and Dynamite
Label: Pat Sounds
Format: CD


Annoying but often brilliant fifth album from Goldstoned, the project of Berlin-based experimental musician Patrick Goldstein

‘Divas Drinks and Dynamite’ is the fifth album from Patrick Goldstein aka Goldstoned who lives in Berlin in Germany. All the tracks here have been home written, recorded, produced and performed by Patrick himself over, as he says, “quite a few months.” Each has, according to Patrick, a different sound or genre, but he used the same instruments on all of them to connect them together and make them sound like they are all played by the same ensemble. He has tried to transcend genres here, and sometimes to good effect. Most of ‘Drinks Divas and Dynamite’ has a quirky and jolly sound. When you listen to it the first time it all seems to blends together, but on a second and subsequent listen the differences start to filter through. The second track 'This is Life' has been described by Patrick as an energetic Northern Soul number. Being a Northern Soul DJ I can see the likeness. It has that beat to it, but ‘This is Life’ has more of a European style to it even if its “woo woo” harmonies are a little overdone. 'True Things' has a sort of 80's Depeche Mode/ Soft Cell sound which drifts off somewhere else by the end. 'The Rigger' has in contrast a good Mod feel though with strains of Secret Affair trying to break through. 'Fairies' has splashings of Kraftwerk about it and I could have sworn that also I heard Phil Oakey in the background, while 'Annie' in contrast reminds me of Gilbert O'Sullivan! I wasn't quite sure where he was going with ‘Godzilla vs Fac51’ at first with its sampled intro, but being an avid Factory Records fan I soon got it. 'Addicted' is another Northern contender. Now, if you listen to the back beat on this, you get the idea of the genre trying to get out. If only I was twenty years younger I'd be doing swallow dives all over the kitchen. And that is this album all over for me. It is a very annoying album. It is annoying because I didn’t at points want to like it because the songs don't sound 100% like they are supposed to, but at the same time I couldn’t help jigging around the room to it. Some parts work, some don't quite work, but it is beyond criticism really as throughout all of it 58 minute and 14 tracks there is one thing that it screams out at you and that is to PARTY!

Track Listing:-
1 Introduction
2 This Is Life
3 You
4 Fear Now!
5 Suburban War
6 Down and No Return
7 True Things
8 Hello Little Darling
9 The Rigger
10 Addicted
11 Fairies
12 Annie
13 Godzilla vs Fac51
14 Fitting in

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