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Greg Boring - Heavy Syrup

  by Paul Waller

published: 27 / 2 / 2013

Greg Boring - Heavy Syrup
Label: Critical Heights Records
Format: CD


Oddball and experimental debut mini-album from enigmatic Australian noise rock group, Greg Boring

Just when 2013 was panning out to be well, musically the same ole, same ole along come Brisbane, Australia’s Greg Boring to deliver an uncomplicated and perverse dose of WTF. There is very little known about them from what I can gather. Online photos contain three or four chaps and a lady standing against walls or playing to rooms of ten people. Yet Greg Boring should not be a secret. Multiple listens down the line I still can’t fathom what to make of it. Maybe an easy reference would be Sonic Youth at their most obtuse with unfocused synths instead of distorted guitars as there is a definite whiff of the New York No Wave scene perforating the music free music that is contained within. But of the sevensongs contained here only opener ‘Denuder’ attempts to carry a tune even if it is purposely warped and skewed along various different keys. Well, maybe that sounds slightly harsh, ‘Alvin’ and ‘About Time’ have familiar vocal themes that you recognise and begin to love by the second listen, and the early Kraftwerk-isms of ‘Primitive Notion’ even grant the listener a steady beat to cling onto. I think, however, if the album didn’t have the fantastic finale of the seven minute long ‘Night Moves’ I wouldn’t be as half impressed as I am. I recognise the essence of a sombre Stereolab within its grooves, a hint of White Noise at play amongst the bleeps and best of all; I have no idea what so ever of whom this band or artist is or whether or not they will record anything ever again. It’s a document of madness and free experimentation that for some inexplicable reason is a truly easy on the ears listening experience.

Track Listing:-
1 Denuder
2 Fine Find Fined
3 Primitive Lotion
4 Huh
5 Alvin
6 About Time
7 Night Moves

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