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Critical Heights Records


Dead Rat Orchestra (2012)

The Guga Hunters of Ness
Haunting and evocative debut offering from ambient folk trio the Dead Rat Orchestra, which is the soundtrack to a BBC documentary about the hunting of gannets in the North Atlantic

Greg Boring (2013)

Heavy Syrup
Oddball and experimental debut mini-album from enigmatic Australian noise rock group, Greg Boring

Keel Her (2014)

Don't Look at Me
Jangling lo-fi pop on excellent vinyl/download only single from dreamy indie duo, Keel Her

Savaging Spires (2011)

Savaging Spires
Shadowy and menacing debut album from autumnal English folk act, Savaging Spires

Scott and Charlene's Wedding (2013)

Any Port in a Storm
Energetic slacker pop on second album from Scott and Charlene's Wedding, the project of Australian-born but now New York-based lo-fi musician, Craig Dermody

Scott and Charlene's Wedding (2013)

Para Vista Social Club
Primitive, but superb garage rock on debut album from Scott and Charlene's Wedding, the solo project of Adelaide-born musician Craig Dermody

Talibam! (2012)

Puff Up the Volume
Appealing, but unremarkable combination of hip-hop and comedy on latest album from Broklyn-based experimental rock duo, Talibam!

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