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Dick Venom and the Terrortones - Interview

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 15 / 1 / 2012

Dick Venom and the Terrortones - Interview


Adrian Huggins chats to Dick Venom from the band the Terrortones' about his group's double A-sided debut single, shoe wear and the current state of his beloved rockabilly genre

'Rockin' Rollin' Vampire Man'/'Sticky Pants Trance' is the debut double A-side single by new age rockabilly vocalist Dick Venom and his band the Terrortones. After listening to the new single, I was graced with the presence of a little chat with Dick himself. Having heard the disc and also conversed with Mr Venom, I can tell you two things about them both: 1. I would be confident in saying that this band have the true future sound of rockabilly/psychobilly, as they have given it a real modern twist. 2. As they say up in the North - He's a bit mad him like. And to club these two statements together - I like it. Having quite a distinct sound, which is not only unique in the wider scale but also quite unique within the confines of the genre, the Terrortones somehow manage to throw into the mix a modern-sounding '77 punk vibe, yet while remaining clearly a rockabilly act. 'Sticky Pants Trance' sounded to me almost early Red Hot Chili Peppers-esque with Lux Interior of the Cramps creeping in there also. Venom spits attitude when he sings and this works perfectly with the style of music here. Along with the thumping punk rhythms, the thematic elements of all the great psychobilly bands are in there for all to see as well. Venom describes in a most entertaining manner below, along giving advice on new footwear, what to expect from the band live and the state of the rockabilly genre. PB: For those unfamiliar and yet to experience who is Dick Venom how did he come about? DV: Well hell, I am he and he is me. I was born in the swamps of the moon’s lagoons from the leather clad womb of my ma and a muskrat. I took a black cadillac a comet tail down here and looky here, here I am. Who am I? Well, I’m a menace to every damn vulva in Tulsa PB: On 'Rockin' Rollin' Vampire Man'/'Stickypants Trance' I hear a real '77 punk sound. The record is, however, done definitely with the heart and spirit of rockabilly. Is this a fair take on what you're all about? DV: These are things that grew in me I guess, that and tails of daddy’s dominatrix. I feel the punk you’re gettin’ at, the rockabilly too. My very first words were "Now I wanna be your dog" and my wants are yet to change. PB: How is psychobilly in 2012? Your press words mention the task you have of evolving the UK psychobilly scene - where do you see yourselves taking it? DV: There’s a lot of good stuff. Plenty of times I been going to gigs and I never stopped jumpin’, but everything’s there to be played with right? Messed with a little? PB: Let's say one's wife was not keen on one purchasing and wearing Brothel Creeper shoes (the shoes most associated with the rockabilly scene, of course). Please give her the hard sell on why it would be a good idea? DV: I’d say, "Darlin', don’t worry, I don’t do the creepin’ ‘til the Creepers come off." PB: What influences your sound/style? Is it a combination of music, film lifestyle or is it more your imagination? DV: Maybe a real mix of both. The sounds come from a mix of Vicky’s, Wrex’s and SuarBeats’ tastes, mine too! But I’m a sucker for sci-fi and all the old B-Movie posters, got tattoos of old movies all down my forearm. The words? Well there’s never a dull thought behind these eyeballs I tell you. It’s like a jumbled up jungle jamboree up there, full of every type of nasty. PB: Where did the idea for the characters within your music come from? DV: We took the worst bits of us and got rid of the rest. I’d say we got left with the best but that’s up to you. PB: Have you managed to incorporate any of these themes and characters into a live setting? Will there be videos to go with it all? DV: Man, if you get through a gig without having your legs or crotch sniffed at or yelled at, if you get through unscathed, unslobbered and ungrappled, I’d consider yourself lucky… or unlucky. And there is indeed a video for ‘StickyPants Trance'. The teaser for which is up on out YouTube channel right now – the full thing goes live on February 10th, should be getting round the TV and net a lil later. But if ya fancy, take a looksie… http://www.youtube.com/terrortones. PB: What does the next year hold in store for you? DV: Well, we got a big official launch party for the single and video on February 10th in Nottingham, and we got plenty of gigs spanning UK between now and April. Even been roped in to make a song for a fake blaxploitation movie soundtrack, so there’ll be more recording and filming lined up. Let’s see if we can’t just keep moving an growin' like we have been. I gots a few lil things I’d like to do… there’s a dame in NY I wouldn’t mind getting to. And I'm still workin' on being the first man in stockings in space, but Virgin just won't take me. PB: Thank you for the wise, wise words, Dick. Now if my words weren't enough to get you rockabillys foaming and getting out the hair pomade, then surely the words of Mr Venom himself should be enough to lure you out. Certainly one to look out for and catch live when possible.

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Dick Venom and the Terrortones - Interview

Dick Venom and the Terrortones - Interview

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