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3 Daft Monkeys - Trades Hall, Hebden Bridge, 7/11/2010

  by Helen Tipping

published: 5 / 11 / 2010

3 Daft Monkeys - Trades Hall, Hebden Bridge, 7/11/2010


At a somewhat shambolic gig at the Trades Hall in Hebden Bridge, Helen Tipping sees 3 Daft Monkeys rise above the occasion and play a set of stunning folk dance

3 Daft Monkeys have just released their new album 'The Antiquated and the Aracane' and are on tour to promote it, playing on a Sunday night in Hebden Bridge. Last time 3 Daft Monkeys played the Trades Club it was pretty packed, but an issue with See Tickets means that people thought it was sold out and so it’s not as full as it might have been. The door staff are less than pleased as this is looking like a money loser and the band are less than pleased at being told by fans that it’s sold out only to find out it’s not. But they’re not going to let that get in the way of a party and nor are the people of Hebden Bridge. It’s soon clear that just about everyone is going to dance and so it’s time for a faster set than it might have been and includes some numbers not played for a while to keep ‘em whirling and twirling. Along with 'Days of the Dance' from the new album, they also play some older numbers such as 'Hubadillia' and 'Eyes of Gaia'. It would appear that Radio 2 folks and rooots DJ Mike Harding complained that his audience “wouldn’t get” 3 Daft Monkeys. I’m not entirely sure what there is not to get as it’s energetic, folk, dance music. Perhaps he thinks his folk listeners are all finger in the ear traditionalists, but, given the numbers of older folkies I’ve seen at the likes of the Oyster Band and the Levellers, I think he’s rather out of touch. There were people of all ages at this gig and they all had a great time and that’s what 3 Daft Monkeys are all about really. Having fun. The photographs that accompany this article were taken for Pennyblackmusic by Neil Bailey.

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Social Vertigo (2008)
Eastern European influenced folk psychedelia on excellent fourth album from 3 Daft Monkeys

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