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Seefeel - ICA, London, 16/9/2010

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 6 / 10 / 2010

Seefeel - ICA, London, 16/9/2010


At their first London gig in nearly fifteen years, Anthony Strutt finds that former shoegazing band Seefeel have developed a strong dance element

Seefeel return to play a Club AC30 night, one night before the Reverence Festival, which would have been more suitable for them to play. Unlike that festival, this gig is well and truly sold out, but then again this is their first London show in nearly fifteen years. The show lasts just over an hour and, while they made their early name as late runners of the shoegaze movement, this set focuses on their latter material which is more dance-based. It is very heavy on bass and beats, very loud and Sarah Peacock's vocals are largely inaudible. It is good to have them back, but it was all too a bit too dance-based for my shoegaze ears.

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Seefeel - ICA, London, 16/9/2010

Seefeel - ICA, London, 16/9/2010

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