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Elilot Smith - Roman Candle

  by Carl Bookstein

published: 27 / 3 / 2010

Elilot Smith - Roman Candle
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Carl Bookstein examines the late American singer-songwriter Elliott Smith's recently reissued 1994 debut album, 'Roman Candle'

The legendary musical artist Elliott Smith’s first solo album 'Roman Candle' from 1994 has been re-mastered and reissued. Since his death, any posthumous Elliott Smith release is an occasion for celebration, including this sonically touched up view of his beginnings. Smith’s lovely whispery vocals along with a basic spare acoustic guitar approach and promising early songwriting make for a fine debut. Elliott Smith was a famed American singer songwriter, primarily residing in Portland, Oregon, who died at age 34 in 2003. Smith’s distinctive vocal style has been characterized for its spider web thin delivery. Smith rose to mainstream prominence with his song 'Miss Misery' from the soundtrack to the film 'Good Will Hunting'. His recordings are notable for their vocal layers, textures and beautiful harmonies. An entirely original and gifted performer, his early death at a young age was a great loss. The title track has a simple acoustic guitar-based arrangement. The album features insightful lyrics and fine performances in keeping with the talent Elliott Smith would prove to possess. 'Condor Ave.' has an evocative lyric: “She took the Oldsmobile out past Condor Avenue… I don’t know what to do with your clothes or your letters.” 'No Name #1' is a beautiful track; every bitthe song Elliott Smith would go on to record as his career progressed. “Go home/Live with your pain/Leave alone, because you know you don’t belong here.” 'No Name #2' features pleasant guitar and some worthy harmonica playing. On these appealing early tunes, Smith seemed to show maturity in his songwriter voice, already present in this first solo album. 'No Name #3' includes the sharp lyric “Everyone is gone home to oblivion.” 'Last Call' is another thought provoking song. Smith sings, “I wanted her to tell me that she would never wake me/I’m lying here waiting for sleep to overtake me.” Elliott Smith was truly a deep and magnetic artist and songwriter, his talent already clearly in evidence on 'Roman Candle'.

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Elilot Smith - Roman Candle

Elilot Smith - Roman Candle

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